Looking at the Amazing Race 10 site I noticed that the teams for the next installment of the race are listed on the website and the premiere date has been scheduled for Sunday, September 17th. Taking a quick look at the teams it is clear that the team composition for this race is very different than in races past. Missing from the race are an evangelical Christian team, a gay team, and an old fart team. These team types, particularly the gay teams, have been a part of the race since inception and made famous by Team Guido in the first race.

The first cool team is The Muslims, two best friends that grew up in Cleveland, Ohio that surely hope to show the country that not all Muslims are fundamentalists. The required gay team has been replaced by a straight father that is racing with his estranged lesbian daughter, which I am dubbing Team Lez. The old farts have been replaced by a team that includes a triathlete with a prosthetic leg, The Triathletes.

It’s a really diverse group! Amazingly, there are also Asian Brothers from San Francisco and an Indian Couple from Florida in the race to go along with the first Muslim team. The show producers are certainly trying to diversify the race and remove some of the white and blond from races past, so that’s exciting. I mean the racers are still mostly white, but it is more diverse. As in every race, there are plenty of models and pageant winners, or eye candy, to go around. There are three all female teams that hope to vie for the “first all female team to win” title, one being the token African American team. I wish them luck. They’re going to need it, since female teams tend to go out early.

In any case, the film has been shot, the teams have been listed, the episodes are surely being edited right now, and the race will air in only four short weeks.

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  1. Oops. I guess I missed the fact that there is a gay team on the race, Tom & Jerry. They are both from New York and are seeking to reaffirm their relationship on the race. I didn’t figure this out until I saw the pre-show interviews. Sorry for the misinformation earlier.

    #1 by Nugget — August 22, 2006 @ 4:18 pm

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