Omagah! It’s already 76 degrees inside our place. Who the hell knows how hot it is outside right now. The heat is expected to be just as bad today as it was yesterday before it starts to cool off on Monday. If this beatdown continues we are going to have to go to the movie theatre just to find air conditioning. Who cares what movie is playing? We’re going.

It’s too hot to even go out and shop for a fan. The high today is supposed to be 86 degrees (with 70% humidity), which incidentally would make it hotter than yesterday, and the low tonight is to be 66 degrees. I am sure that the Florida contingent is hearing these temperatures and thinking that it doesn’t sound that bad and people in Vegas are laughing because it’s 20 or more degrees warmer there. But all those places have air conditioning. Not here.

Again pray for fog, find air conditioning, and try not to kill anyone in this crazy heat.

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  1. I finally cried uncle and went out this morning looking to buy a fan. Apparently, there are no fans in stock in Santa Clara county. There are no window unit air conditioners left either. Every store I went to was sold out of fans. Argh. I think the movie theater is a great idea.

    #1 by Meerenai — July 23, 2006 @ 12:11 pm

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