While republican-sponsored climatologists claim that there is no such thing as global warming, the current heat wave is breaking all kinds of heat records in the Bay Area and in Northern California. In the last two weeks, at least one Northern California city has hit 100 degrees every single day. This is by far the longest hot streak, beating the previous hot streak of only two days set back in 1972.

I can say that the hottest it has ever felt in San Francisco was last Saturday when it was in the mid-90s with at least 40 percent humidity. The high that day, July 23rd, was 97 degrees and I thought that we were all going to die. Having skylights on our condo increased the greenhouse effect and made it feel pretty miserable. I am glad that the fog has rolled back in since Monday cooling things off in the late afternoon. At least we’re baking and not shaking–that would be bad.

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