Fat Bastard Lee Raymond

Exxon Mobil earned $10.7 billion this last quarter, which equates to $1,318.00 in profit every second of every day for the entire quarter. The company gave its outgoing CEO Lee Raymond, the fat bastard pictured here, a retirement package worth about $400 million, I guess they could afford it! I mean, what’s $400 million amongst friends, right?

This guy was the perfect oil baron. I mean, he doesn’t believe in global warming, thinks getting cozy with murderous regimes abroad is just “good business,” and on top of that he’s spoken publicly against abortion and gay rights. Plus he looks the part. I mean, look at the jowls on this bitch. This guy is real, not some caricature created by a political cartoonist.

Meanwhile, the little people are paying upwards of $3.75 per gallon to fill up. That’s just crazy.

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