At the G-8 summit yesterday, Bush walks into a room where the German Chancellor and the Italian Prime Minister are speaking. He proceeds to approach the German Chancellor from behind, places his hands on her shoulders (as if about to give a back rub), and she immediately clenches her shoulders and raises her hands as if saying, “Eeew, get the hell away from me!” Check out the video here and read the story here.

This man is, and will obviously continue to be, an embarrassment to our country. Did he forget that he is the President of the United States? Perhaps he thought he was at a coed college party and that he was walking up to the “coke table” to get a hit. They are at a conference to discuss global issues and make decisions that affect hundreds of millions of people. Did he not know that a gesture like this could be seen as him exerting power over a woman, or dare I say, over Germany? She did *not* like the gesture at all.

I for one think he’s lucky that the German Chancellor chose not to make a big deal out of the incident. She probably didn’t make a big deal because she, like many others, think that our President is a big fat joke. He’s barely qualified to speak, let alone be there. He’d rather be a jester than a leader. At his core he is unintelligent and emotionally immature, and when he’s not reading from a script this becomes painfully evident.

The fact is that Clinton, an intelligent man with much more maturity and charisma, may have been able to pull that off. However, Clinton did not have to resort to “back rubbing” to get any point across. His sharp intellect and depth on almost every issue spoke for itself. No scripts, no prepared speeches, just off the cuff coolness. He was like a cucumber, or dare I say, like the other side of the pillow.

To channel Stuart Smalley let me just say, sorry George, you are not cool enough, not smart enough, and doggone it, people hate you.

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