A Malaysian man severed his own penis in an attempt to prove to his wife that he was not having an affair. Apparently his wife found a text message from another woman on his phone which prompted an argument. Something tells me that the argument escalated until he said something like this:

“Damn it, do I have to chop my dick off to prove that I’m not having an affair!?”

The man, slightly confused by his wife’s unexpected affirmative response, and so enfuriated and frustrated by this point in the argument, proceeded to cut his own dick off. This is a tragic tale of bravado and ego gone terribly wrong. Bottom line, if you have the balls, or stupidity, to chop your own dick off you should probably have enough balls to tell your wife that you are seeing another woman. I guess you could say this guy is “all balls” now.

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  1. oh fuck.

    #1 by evan — June 6, 2006 @ 10:11 pm

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