Hippies in Last Place

In this episode, the final four teams made immediately made their way to the Swan Bells tower in Perth, Australia. The sucky thing was that the tower didn’t open until the morning, causing the final four teams to bunch up almost immediately. The animosity between Ken & Barbie and the Hippies was high from the start, and you just knew that some shit was going to go down later in the leg.

Teams slept outside. After they woke up they all called for taxi pickups outside the tower to pick them up after they picked up their clue. Eric from the Jocks canceled the taxis for the Hippies and the Tokens. This was both smart and mean, but not against the rules of the race. The Jocks coincidentally booked their taxi under the name Doug Brubaker. Sneaky fuckers!

The funny thing is that the Jocks’ taxi didn’t show up. So the only taxi that showed was the one for Ken & Barbie. The Hippies and the Tokens assumed that it was them that canceled their taxis and immediately set their sights on Ken & Barbie. Now there’s all this animosity from all the teams towards Ken & Barbie instead the Jocks.

At the Roadblock, the Hippies ran in front of Ken & Barbie and yielded them even though they were only a second behind them. Barbie was sad and whiny and of course Ken was tough and intolerant of her whining—a match made in heaven. Ken & Barbie were knocked back from second to last place.

Ken & Barbie were still complaining about being yielded on the way to the Detour. Initially it seemed that the Wet Detour would be faster, but the Tokens made quick work of the Dry Detour. The Tokens came in first place and the three other teams were caravanning to the Pit Stop. Everyone knew that it would be a three-way sprint to the mat.

Alas, one of the Hippies went across water instead the bridge to the pier on the mat. It was the Jocks, Ken & Barbie, and the Hippies in last place. Unfortunately for everyone instead the Hippies, this was a non-elimination leg and they didn’t get eliminated.

Surprisingly, the Pit Stop turned into a bitch session confessional with Barbie telling Phil that the Hippies were starting rumors about Eric liking her in order to drive a wedge between her and Ken. She complained that the Hippies were “playing mind games” which they of course denied. The bad blood between these teams is one for the ages. I can’t wait to see who gets eliminated next.

Episode Stats and Predictions

Roadblock: Who’s ready to take a fall for their team? In this roadblock, one team member had to skydive for their next clue.
Detour: Wet or Dry. In Wet, teams had to hike and swim a one mile course filled with spiders and poisonous plants to find their next clue. In Dry, teams had to drive 12 miles (6 miles off-road) a bit to find a lost city. There they had to find an Aborigine playing a didgeridoo with the same symbol as theirs and learn to play a note on it to get their next clue.
Fast Forward: None.
Yield: The Hippies yielded Ken & Barbie, who were just one second behind them.
Pit Stop: Lake Bennett, Darwin, Australia.

Funniest Moment: Barbie asked a local for a cheap place to stay and he responded, “Cheap place to stay, love? You can stay at my joint for free.” Then Ken walks up right behind her. Awkward! The look on Ken’s face was a beauty.
Smartest Play: Eric from the Jocks canceling the taxis for the Hippies and the Tokens. Sneaky bastards! They accidentally canceled their own taxi, but they made it seem like Ken & Barbie canceled the taxis. Politically it was a good play.
Dumbest Play: One of the Hippies (BJ) going the wrong way and missing the bridge that connected the land to the pier during the final three-way foot race to the finish. This caused them to be in last place and have their stuff taken away from them, again.

Next Team to Be Eliminated: The Hippies.
Pick to Win: The Jocks.


  1. One of the Hippies had no shoes on. Since they take away everything but the clothes on their backs, does he have to start the next leg with no shoes? That’s got to suck hard.

    #1 by Meerenai — May 4, 2006 @ 8:56 am

  2. Good question. It was one of the best sprints to the mat I’ve seen and I didn’t even notice that he had no shoes with all the excitement. I know the Hippies are going down, I can feel it, shoes or no shoes.

    #2 by Nugget — May 4, 2006 @ 10:14 am

  3. I haven’t been watching this season, but caught the final 5 minutes last night. Wow! That sprint to the end was awesome. But the hippies would have won but for the guy going over the stones, so I’m not sure they’re doomed.

    Unless the next episode stays in Australia, they’ll necessarily go to a major city and fly to another major city outside the country. So they’ll have two good chances to panhandle and get some cash. _Unless_ they go to someplace like Fiji or New Guinea. I would _not_ want to be in Port Moresby without money: when I had to go to the shipping terminal from the passenger terminal, the guards were like “you _must_ take a cab.” and then, when other guards approached Tina and said “Why are you hanging around this door?” and she said “My husband is running an errand. He’s been gone for 15 minutes,” the guards were like “We’re going to call the shipping terminal RIGHT NOW and ensure he’s okay.”

    #3 by Larry O’Brien — May 4, 2006 @ 1:44 pm

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