“Hello I am Martin I have 21 anuses and alive in Madrid gustaria me toknow women with desire to pass good moments, I have good sense ofhumor, am trigueno green eyes, deportista and equipped verywell.”
–Martin of Madrid, Spain in June 2005 Wikilist.net Personals Posting

This poor schlub wrote something semi-seductive in Spanish and used an automatic English translator to post it to an online forum. Sadly the title of his post turned into “Male, ninato 21 anuses equipped.” Wow, 21 anuses equipped!? Say it ain’t so–that’s so sexy! I am sure the women are lining up to contact this guy. Also he’s looking for women with desire to “pass good moments.” Pass good moments? Isn’t that a euphemism for having healthy bowel movements? That’s just sick!

Ladies, if you keep giving guys like this the opportunity to show you their 21 anuses or watch you have healthy bowel movements you are just encouraging more ridiculous posts like these. On second thought, these are so funny that it may be worth searching Google for “18 anuses”, “19 anuses”, and “20 anuses” just to see what these young “anuses” are posting online in their futile search for international online love.

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  1. Well, with this message, I will be in auto translate mode too…a man with 21 anus would certainly smell bad.

    #1 by Stacie — July 13, 2011 @ 2:53 pm

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