A chunk of ice the size of a microwave oven fell from a cloudless sky through the roof of a Loma Linda University recreation center Thursday. The piece of ice left a hole two and a half feet wide on the roof of the building before shattering into pieces inside. Nobody was hurt. A similar incident happened last week in Oakland. These “megacryometeors,” as they are called, have been studied recently by a scientist named Jesus Martinez-Frias in Madrid, Spain. He hypothesizes that the ice is being created in the upper reaches of the outer atmosphere, which is being pushed further out by the lower atmosphere due to global warming.

Another scientist theorizes that the ice is building up on plane skins and breaking off while planes are in flight. And the conspiracy thoeorists claim that the ice is falling from secret goverment spy planes being tested over California. In any case, these are all theories for something that according to scientists has happened at least 40 times around the globe since 1999! This is scary. The entire world needs to do something about global emissions soon otherwise we will have to build force fields for our cars to deflect the falling ice meteors during rush hour.

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