In last night’s tenth episode of Survivor: Exile Island, Bruce suffered a digestive system obstruction that had him writhing in pain and put his life at risk. Apparently he had not had a bowel movement for almost a week on the island and finally collapsed in pain. The Survivor medical team had to be called in.

I guess you could have said “Bruce is full of shit, he’s faking it” and would have only been half right, he wasn’t faking it. Well, that’s reality for you. Now for the surreal part. Since crazy ass Shane didn’t want to get his pants wet before going to sleep, he helped carry Bruce on a stretcher to an awaiting boat in the nude.

This is another case of reality being stranger than fiction. It’s a shame that Bruce has the title of “first to be involuntarily eliminated for medical reasons” on the show. He seemed to be a really healthy and cool guy at the beginning. It just goes to show that you don’t know what the hell will happen to you when you are stuck on a deserted island. Big ups to Bruce for surviving the experience.

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