Technorati founder, David Sifry, has posted his quarterly State of the Blogosphere address. It is chock full of information regarding the growth of the blogosphere over the last three years. Technorati now tracks 35.4 million blogs and the blogosphere is doubling every six months, that’s faster than Moore’s law! The blogosphere is 60 times bigger than it was just three years ago. Currently a new blog is created every second of every day and 19.4 million bloggers are still posting 3 months after their blogs are created. Check out the post, if only for the cool charts and graphs.

I started The Daily Nugget in June 2002 and if memory serves me correctly there were only about 500,000 blogs at the time. Even back then, people marveled at how fast the blogosphere had grown from just a few thousand blogs in 1998. Blogger was launched by Pyra Labs in late 1999 and helped spark (pun intended, get it pyra and spark) the blogging craze. Movable Type was launched nearly two years later. Movable Type’s server-based software is what I use to run The Daily Nugget today.

While I was going to school my posts fell off to about one per week. According to Technorati, only about 3.4 million bloggers currently update their blogs weekly. Based on that figure, I would assume that only 20% of those bloggers update their blogs daily. Either way, whether The Daily Nugget is updated weekly or daily, it is part a rare group of “old school” blogs that are still frequently updated. I would like to thank my readers–all 23 of them–for making it all worthwhile.

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