We went to see Burnie Burns’s Cock Byte: Masters of Machinima on Monday night. The makers of Red vs. Blue: Blood Gulch Chronicles, Rooster Teeth Productions showed a 60-minute summary of the first season instead of the “greatest hits” collection that they were supposed to show according to the program. This was a bit disappointing, but the first season of Red vs. Blue has a redeeming exploration of philosophy. The characters humorously ask, “why are we here, in this canyon” and ponder the meaning of their lives in the Halo video game. Sophomoric teen humor, yes. But entertaining to fans of Halo everywhere. One kid even flew in from Alaska to catch the screening.

Burnie was not on hand but he sent two of his minions, Jason ans Gus, to address the crowd. And yes, they used the same sophomoric humor to address the crowd during the Q&A session as the characters in the film, after all they voice a few of them. I wish these guys the best of luck, maybe they can make a feature film comedy from these Halo shorts. Who the hell knows?

We missed our Tuesday night screening of Obaba out of sheer exhaustion. Our next film is Thursday.

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