Hippies in Last Place

In this episode, teams made their way from Rio, Greece to Muscat, Oman. The Hippies started the race just 9 minutes before the departure of the first bus, so they were the only team on the second bus to the airport and an hour behind all of the other teams. It was funny that all of the other teams were ecstatic to see the Hippies walking while they were on the first bus. But it didn’t matter; all of the teams would eventually bunch up at the first task in Oman.

In this episode the Tokens had a little breakdown. They started out teasing each other and ended up giving each other the bird. Then they made up, then they started fighting on the way to the Pit Stop. It’s amazing how fast relationships can break down with the stress of the race. Especially true for these two, since before the race they had never spent more than four straight days together. Ouch!

By the way, Oman is a beautiful country. The urban centers look incredibly clean, with opulent temples and palaces. The rural areas have breathtaking scenery and the people seem really nice. I bet that it’s a beautiful place to visit for a couple of weeks, as long as you are not digging Shuwa.

The Roadblock looked pretty brutal. Digging up sand mounds in the desert heat looked crazy hot. Adding insult to injury, the spiced lamb was in an underground oven, which made it even hotter for the digging players. The Hippies got to the Roadblock first, but BJ dug through what appeared to be all of the mounds in search of the lamb. It took forever.

After what seemed like hours, BJ finally found the lamb, but it was just too late. Surprisingly, the Old Farts, my pick to be eliminated, came in to the Pit Stop in first place and won a trip to Italy. Ken & Barbie looked really pissed that they came in second place behind the Old Farts and they should be. The Jocks’ first place streak was over, they came in fourth place. The Hippies came in last and were stripped of all their possessions and money. We’ll see how they come back from this.

Episode Stats and Predictions

Roadblock: Who’s willing to work for food? One person needs to dig through 117 sand mounds to find 1 in 6 buried Shuwa, Omani spiced lamb wrapped in a woven bag and steamed in an underground oven. This would also be the team’s dinner for the evening.

Detour: Camel or Watchtower. In Camel, teams needed to use a block and tackle system to put a camel into a truck and drive the camel one mile to get their next clue. In Watchtower, teams needed to search three watchtowers for a message box and take it one mile away to get their next clue.

Fast Forward: None.

Yield: None.

Pit Stop: Jabreen Castle, Oman.

Funniest Moment: The camel at the Roadblock screaming while BJ dug for the lamb.

Smartest Play: Monica finding the lamb quickly at the Roadblock.

Dumbest Play: The Hippies not putting on a bunch of clothes in anticipation of the non-elimination leg. I mean, they are stinky to begin with becase they are Hippies. But wearing the same clothes daily!? It will be interesting to see the look on Phil’s face when they try to hug him after this.

Next Team to Be Eliminated: The Old Farts.

Pick to Win: The Jocks.


  1. Thank god we don’t have smell-e-vision!

    #1 by Meerenai — April 20, 2006 @ 10:13 am

  2. If we did, we would be screwed because I bet they have been pretty ripe at every Pit Stop.

    #2 by Nugget — April 20, 2006 @ 4:46 pm

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