Asshole Eliminated

In this episode, teams made their way from Aretusa, Italy to Rome via train. Unfortunately, the earliest transportation caused all of the teams to bunch up on the way to Rome. Once in Rome, teams found a couple of clue boxes and then headed to the airport to head to Athens, Greece. And again, all teams were bunched up on the same flight into Athens.

The Jocks found the Fast Forward almost immediately and headed to the Pit Stop. The other teams needed to fend for themselves by heading to a bungee jump Roadblock. The story of the Roadblock was Fran, of the Old Fart team, that seemed to freeze when she reached the end of the platform. But she managed to do an awkward almost feet-first jump that I thought would break her neck, but she survived.

Lake & Michelle had a little breakdown in the car on the way to the Detour. Michelle threw the map at Lake, who was driving, and he threw it back at her violently. It reminded me of the Jonathan & Victoria moment of a few races past. Lake is such a dick to his wife it pisses me off. I couldn’t wait until his ass was eliminated, even if his wife is an innocent victim in this scenario.

The Jocks cam in first place and won an invitation to the red carpet premiere of the Da Vinci Code. It was a rather cheesy gift and promotion for the Amazing Race, which normally has travel related gifts, cars, or cash. Either way, the Jocks seemed happy to get to go to the premiere.

The Old Farts and Lake & Michelle finished the Detour at the same time, but the Old Farts beat them to the Pit Stop. It seemed that Lake became so frustrated while driving that Michelle had to calm him down by rubbing his chest—that was a little weird. I thought that was how you calm down six-year-old kids. She ended up driving in the end, but that didn’t help them beat the Hippies.

Episode Stats and Predictions

Roadblock: Who wants to hear the sound of their own screams? One team member needed to perform a 244-foot bungee jump from a tall bridge.

Detour: Herculean Effort or It’s All Greek to Me. In Herculean effort one team member needed to throw a javelin, the other a discus, and both team members needed to wrestle a professional wrestler. In It’s All Greek to Me, teams needed to search pottery for Greek letters that spelled a clue.

Fast Forward: Yes—taken by the Jocks. Teams needed to find one plate out of hundreds with a ribbon baked inside of it by breaking plates.

Yield: None.

Pit Stop: Fortress of Rion in Rio, Greece.

Funniest Moment: The Old Farts backing into a tree and blowing out the back window of their car.

Smartest Play: The Jocks getting to the Fast Forward after Ken & Barbie and taking it right from under their noses. Ken & Barbie were really bummed.

Dumbest Play: The Hippies traveling the wrong way for a full hour away from the Detour. The look on the normally smug Hippies’ faces when they were told that they were traveling the wrong way for an hour was awesome. Not so smart now are you fuckers!?

Next Team to Be Eliminated: The Old Farts.

Pick to Win: The Jocks.

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  1. I am a relative of Lake and Michelle’s and it still pisses me off the way he treated her on national television. I have decided to just avoid him period.

    #1 by agravated as hell — January 14, 2007 @ 6:28 am

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