Tens of thousands of Muslims around the world are protesting in the most American of ways, by rioting and destroying property. All over a cartoon that was originally published in a Danish newspaper months ago. The cartoon has since been reprinted in Norway, a few European papers, and in New Zealand, prompting protests by Muslims against those nations as well. Surprisingly, not one American publication has shown the cartoon depicting the Muslim Prophet Mohammed wearing a turban shaped like a bomb with a lit fuse. It’s nice for the Muslims to be mad at someone else for a change.

Islam forbids depictions of Mohammed and many Muslims are furious. But should they be this angry? I mean, they are burning cars and embassies, throwing rocks at authorities, and putting themselves in danger over a satirical cartoon!? A cartoon isn’t a literal depiction of Mohammed, or is it? It probably isn’t worth the brouhaha that is developing. If you ask me, a few fanatics were just waiting for any fucking excuse to riot. Get over it, it’s not that serious.

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