Richard Hatch, the original “Survivor” was found guilty today of failing to pay taxes on his winnings from the show, as well as not paying taxes on $355,000 in income from hosting a radio show and rent from income property. Hatch faces a maximum sentence of 13 years in prison and was taken from the court room in handcuffs because he is considered a flight risk. That’s quite the scene.

You know, I guess this guy is not as smart and cunning as everyone made him out to be once he won the $1,000,000 on the TV show. I mean, anyone that thinks that they can evade the U.S. government with excuses like “I am a bad bookkeeper” and “I thought they were paying the taxes” sounds not only dumb, but naive to the way the world works. It’s the legal equivalent to “the dog ate my homework,” particularly when the TV show had a signed contract that stated that contestants were responsible for their own taxes.

Hatch’s story shows that con men and hucksters like him can excel in the game of “Survivor,” but may be ill-equipped to win in the game of life. Life has a lot more responsibilities and variables than a game where you are “locked up” with 15 other people on a deserted island for 39 days. Sadly, the biggest loser in this whole thing is Hatch’s son who will have to live without his dad once Hatch goes to prison. Honestly, did he really think he would get away with it?

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