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The Xbox 360, Microsoft’s next generation gaming console, will be released in a little more than two weeks on November 22nd. Leading up to the launch, you can sign up to My Xbox to get an Xbox Live gamer tag on the Xbox website. You should setup a profile now, since the gamer tag you want may go quickly. I’ve setup “Tdk01” as my gamer tag and linked the card to the blog in the left sidebar.

The new and improved Xbox Live system tracks Gamerscore and Achievements that you obtain when you play any Xbox 360 game (check out a sample, this one belongs to J Allard). Bragging rights can be truly earned in a particular game by simply comparing your gamer tag profile with your friend’s. The Gamerscore and Achievements won’t lie and will lead to a greater sense of both community and friendly competition.

Check out the Xbox website and get ready for launch day!

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