Two good things happened yesterday: 1) my mom came home from the hospital, eight days after her surgery, and 2) I picked up an Xbox 360 on launch day. My mom is home and being cared for by my aunt, who is visiting from Puerto Rico, and her health is stable. Once she gains a little more strength, likely in a couple of weeks, she’ll begin chemo. Thanks again to all that have kept her is their hearts and prayers.

The Xbox 360, what can I say, it is amazing! Even though I’ve only played it for a few hours I am very impressed with it. I am particularly excited about the High Definition resolution. The color and the detail in every game, particularly PGR3 is incredible. The backgrounds are so realistic that sometimes you crash from the distraction of neon lights, bridge scenery, and bystanders. People that say it is only a slight step up from the Xbox must not be playing the games in native 720p HD resolution. Once you go to HD you can’t go back.

I am excited to play all of you all online on Xbox Live so please leave your Gamer Tags or send me a friend request on Live.

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  1. 1. I’m happy to hear your mother’s home. My sincerest wishes for her quick recovery.

    2. I hate you.

    #1 by Jimmy — November 23, 2005 @ 4:49 pm

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