Welcoming Wilma

Unfortunately, Wilma is not a stripper. She’s the 21st named storm for 2005 that just got done vacationing in Cancun. You know this of course. You also know that she’s about to plow into southwest Florida as a category 3 hurricane. I live in southern Broward county on the southeast side of the state. Although we won’t experience a direct hit, we expect winds of nearly 100 mph as Wilma passes through. Since my townhome was constructed after Andrew, it should be able to withstand a category 5 storm. However, my biggest concern is that Wilma will park my Scion in the cul-de-sac or plant a palm tree in the glove box. As soon as it’s safe to venture out tomorrow, I’ll get some pics. I may not be able to post them because there’s a good chance there will be no power. Wish me luck.

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