Many of you know I love Google. They totally have it together. Lots of smart, creative peeps are crazily working to provide untouchable services. Whether it’s their search engine, maps, email, IM, it almost seems that have it all.

Well, I was reading an article over at Download Squad about a new free email service called Goowy. Now, the last thing any of us need is another free email account. If any of you are like me, you have a Yahoo! account, multiple Hotmail accounts, Gmail (of course), and whatever other free accounts available. But what if something came along that was different enough to peak your interest. Goowy did just that for me. Essentially it’s a flash-based online email client that not only provides 2GB of storage (size does matter), but a calendar, RSS reader, online games, and a skinnable interface.

I haven’t spent but 10 minutes playing with the site, but I’m impressed. I mean, it does what everyone else does. It sends and receives messages. But the thought and creativity that went into building a unique email experience is pretty cool. I’d highly recommend creating an account even if all you did was poke around and see what’s up. You never know. You may have found your new email service.

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