If you’re feeling hungry (I know it’s nearly lunch time on the West Side), then point your browsers to The Official Ramen Homepage. Some brilliant fellow has put together 289 recipes for ramen noodles. Yes, RAMEN. You know, the packs of noodles you can get 6 for $0.89 (10 for $1 in some places). Regardless of your locale’s ramen economy, the availablility of nearly 300 ramen recipes is not only impressive, but necessary to feed countless people across the world. I mean, when I was a kid, my mom might have thrown an egg in my ramen… maybe some cut-up hot dogs. I don’t think she would have thought of Hyperactive Candied Choco-Ramen. That’s the bomb! This site is exactly what the originators of the Internet were thinking of when they created the Information Super Highway. God bless you, Matt Fischer. You are a true innovator.

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