Security Checkpoing Toy

It’s fun to prentend to be an airport security tard, er, guard! Teach ’em to be afraid while they’re still young with this wonderful toy. Your tot will have hours upon hours of enjoyment in running plastic luggage through an x-ray machine that doesn’t even work, just like the real thing! And a hand scanner is also included to add an element of romance! What are you waiting for? Go on and buy one today!

I can’t believe that this toy actually exists, but it does and it really is available on The Amazon page gives this safety information: “WARNING: Choking Hazard – Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.” I think what it should say is “WARNING: Children may experience temporary mental impairment while impersonating airport security. Long term emotional damage to children from the use of the product is not yet known.” Big ups to for the link.

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