Hurricane Victim Crying for Help

Disturbing images of thousands of Americans dehydrated, hungry and unable to escape New Orleans make me wonder whether the United Stated is doing everything it can to respond to New Orleans’ disaster. I mean, we can afford to spend $1 billion airlifting supplies to tsunami victims in southern Asia and tens, scratch that, hundreds of billions of dollars ferrying military supplies to Iraq to wage war, but we can’t supply water, food and medical supplies to tens of thousands of our own needy residents here.

Damn, is it because the most affected are poor black people? I wonder. I have seen the images on television and the large minority of people that need help are the ones that couldn’t afford to leave the city, and they are predominantly black. They must feel abandoned by the system and a government that could not, or chose not to, respond as quickly as possible. I am not supporting the anarchy, looting (except for food, water, and other necessities), the rapes and violence, and the gangs with guns that have taken over the city. However, I can understand how the victims may feel abandoned and dismissed by the little, or no help, they’ve received.

Think about what it must be like to be sitting on top of a roof or to be sitting in a shelter where it’s hot; where you’re worried about when you’re going to be picked up; you’re thirsty; you’re hungry; you’re not sleeping; you’re not showering; you’re homeless; you’re afraid for yourself, you’re afraid for members of your family. Hell, you may not even find some members of your family. The water that has you trapped there grows increasingly dirtier, smellier, deadlier–there are dead bodies, bacteria, and toxic chemicals in it. It’s been days since the catastrophe and everyone is desperate for help.

Please donate to the American Red Cross, every little bit helps. For more photos of the tragedy, goto

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