Mama got an iPod earlier this year and has been telling me to get one, so I finally did. My new 60GB iPod Photo arrived yesterday and I must say that I am tired as hell. I was up late last night messing with it and fostering my new obsession: properly cataloging (including artist, album, composer, genre, and year) and collecting the artwork for all of the MP3s that we have downloaded from the Internet over the years. This is a daunting task as we have over 10GB of assorted MP3s.

After I finish with the assorted MP3s, I’ll start the same process for all of our ripped music, which is about another 50GB of songs. Mama was a rock music journalist and has ripped the majority of her music CDs, which total in the thousands. Yes, thousands of CDs. Needless to say there is a lot of music to catalog and collect artwork for so wish me luck. This is a long term project.

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  1. I too have about 60gb of music, all legally obtained, of course. I’m waiting in the cut for a 100gb iPod before I start shelling out dough. Although, the iPod nano is crazy sexy. Might have to splurge for that…

    Congrats on the new gear. I’m mad jealous.

    #1 by Jimmy — September 15, 2005 @ 1:59 pm

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