There was an underground explosion in downtown San Francisco a few blocks from my office. Apparently the explosion caused a manhole cover to fly several feet into the air and spew flames out of the ground. A woman walking past the manhole cover at the time of the explosion was badly burned in her head and neck by the spewing flames. That’s what I call being at the wrong place at the wrong time–what are the chances? Alas, the explosion was deemed to be electrical in nature and not an act of terrorism.

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  1. Mystery Explosion In San Francisco

    Wow I’m surprise this made it on the technorati list. Are people really thinking that this was a terrorist act? No way. There’s many Indian and Arab-looking people here but they wouldn’t do such a thing.

    #1 by niTworks: It’s niT’s Spin Zone — August 19, 2005 @ 3:53 pm

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