According to Reality Blurred, The Amazing Race 8 may be canned before it airs. This installment of the race features teams of four with kids in tow as young as eight. Apparently, in order to accomodate the kids, the race hasn’t left North America and has been spotted in New Jersey, Alabama, and Canada recently. This “watered-down” race format may not play well with die hard fans of the show.

According to a former cast member, Hera McLeod, “they are having a lot of problems with [the race] and it may actually not be a rumor that it all gets canned (see Survivor Sucks post).” So, with rumored production problems and a softened race, this race could be over before it even starts.

Good, since I am also a believer that the race just isn’t meant for kids. I mean look at how physically and emotionally exhausting the race is for adults. Can you imagine a small child in an airport dealing with all the stress, politics, and straight-out backstabbing involved in getting the fastest flight to a destination? Uncontrollable crying may be the production problem du jour. Well, maybe they’ll release the canned season on DVD for a laugh in a year or two.

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