“This blog is the chronicle of my experiences with Grandma, the video-game playing queen of her age-bracket and weight class. She will beat any PS2, XBox, GameCube, etc., console game put in front of her, just like she always has. Her favorite game of all time was Final Fantasy VII, her current task is reaching 100% in tour mode of Outlaw Golf 2. These are her stories. She is absolutely real. She lives in Cleveland.”
— Old Grandma Hardcore blog

The above excerpt is the description of the Old Grandma Hardcore blog. I know, I was a little skeptical too. I thought for sure that this had to be a hoax. But, this lady is real. She’s sixty-nine years old and plays to win. She’s even been know to break a controller or two in frustration when things don’t go her way. She has even been the focus of several news articles, the most recent article appearing on the MTV website. Kick ass and game on, grandma!

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