3 Stars

NBA Rookies is a six-part documentary made in a collaboration between NBA Entertainment and Spike TV. The show chronicles the roller coaster world of NBA rookies and shows that it’s more than bling-bling and supermodels, it’s hard work.

It’s interesting to see how the rookies deal with stress. With the pressure to perform some rookies lose sight of what’s important. In the episode I saw, titled Road Trip, one rookie said he would trade a thirty-point game for getting on the highlight reel! Others rise to the occasion to become key role players in their teams. Through it all the cameras follow.

Great narration, by a guy that sounds like Ice-T, and omnipresent cameras by the NBA Entertainment crew make this show feel more like reality TV than a documentary. It’s a good show that nobody is watching. If you are interested, check it out on Spike TV.

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