I just watched the Star Trek Enterprise series finale and I am completely shocked as to how much it sucked. Star Trek usually comes through on the finales, whether they be season or series finales. But this time they completely fucked everything up. I am glad that there won’t be another series for a while and it will give the creative people on the show a chance to enjoy a much needed retirement.

The episode leading into the finale was the conclusion of the “Terra Prime” storyline. This was an entertaining episode that saw both Trip and T’Pol dealing with the fact that someone had cloned a Vulcan-Human Hybrid using their DNA, essentially creating their daughter. The drama helped develop their characters and their love for each other. Good character development is what has been missing from the show and it seemed that finally we were getting somewhere.

Hell, even Mayweather got a little development time, with the addition of a love interest that turned out to be a Starfleet spy. Not bad. Peter Weller also did a good job as the villain. Archer had a knock down drag out fight with him at the end and the universe was good. But then the final episode started.

The final episode completely marginalized the crew of Enterprise by having Riker going in and out of recreated holodeck scenes with the Enterprise crew. What the hell? Why did this become the Riker show all of the sudden. Nobody cares about his ass in this series! Riker even became the ship’s cook! Good job at screwing this up Berman.

Another sour note was the fact that Trip and T’Pol’s relationship supposedly didn’t progress. The holodeck reenactments of the Enterprise crew took place six years after the events of “Terra Prime.” And we are told that they immediately broke-up after all that! The daughter dying brought them together in the episode leading into this one and we are to believe that they are done. Bullshit! Another sour note is the fact that Trip gets killed and T’Pol doesn’t become pregnant with his child before he dies. What!? Huh!? It doesn’t make any sense. Fuck these guys.

I am glad it’s over, I am pissed the finale sucked, and I hope that young talent will take over a new series someday. Until then I have Battlestar Galactica, which by the way is a much better show.

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  1. I agree with all of your points, even BSG. Don’t forget other great shows that have been fucked up in the end. Farscape rings a bell. Babylon 5.

    My girlfriend and I just finished the series, and I was pissed. And I mean we were into it. She sang along to the theme! And cried when the baby died (and a few other characters too)!

    To end like that was fucking bullshit. The fucks responsible need to fucking die.

    #1 by Cliff — November 30, 2006 @ 6:14 pm

  2. The serie started off so well. I watched the first two seasons with interest. Then came the Xindi saga… at first I found it interesting but it quickly started to drag on and to become very predictable, like the writters were so running out of ideas that they stretched that episode to its furthest limits. Then they found nothing better than to “surprize” us with two episodes of an evil Enterprise (not even an original idea… see DS9 and evil Empress Kira). That was a warning sign for what was to come with the final episode. A suddenly suicidal Trip, later “reincarnated” and going God knows where), it was so disrespectful to all the characters, as if they were mere disposable holographic material, even so they should have deserved more respect according to the Star Trek tradition (ask Robert Picardo what he’d have thought of that treatment!). I didn’t find Terra Prime to original either, it was like a rerun of the Xindi thread, only the poignant Trip/T’pol relationship was worth watching. For a few minutes emotion ran high as they finally became a real, loving couple.
    But what a waste from serie to serie. It had so much potential. These writers should reimburse all the money they made and never be hired again… Total incompetence.

    #2 by Mike — June 1, 2008 @ 12:55 pm

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