Uchenna & Joyce, Winners

In this final episode of the race, the first leg saw the last three remaining teams leave London, England and make their way to Kingston, Jamaica. The episode focused on Ron & Kelly’s crumbling relationship, with Ron seemingly unwilling to commit to marriage. However, it didn’t stop them from finishing this leg in first place. Rob & Amber ran a great leg and still finished in second place. Uchenna & Joyce left this leg in last place and finished the leg in last place thanks to a flat tire. According to the new rules, they lost all of their possessions in addition to all of their money. It all seemed lost for them.

In the second leg, teams made their way from Montego Bay, Jamaica to the finish line in Miami, Florida through Puerto. Being Puerto Rican, I really enjoyed seeing El Morro and San Juan–pretty cool. It’s hard to believe that this is the first time they’ve been there. Uchenna & Joyce seemed pretty screwed without money. Especially since the only way to get anywhere in Jamaica is via taxi. They made their way to the airport to beg for cash. Initially it seemed they weren’t going to make it, but they received some money and they were on their way several hours behind the other teams.

It was excruciating to watch. Many people declined to help them at the airport, bringing Joyce to tears. Long story short, they got some money to get a taxi to the onion chopping task and a free ride to the Detour. Once there, Uchenna made quick work of the Tee It Up challenge. Ultimately, teams were bunched up outside a Roadblock in Puerto Rico. Teams made quick work of the Roadblock in Puerto Rico. However on the way to the airport Ron & Kelly got lost and Rob & Amber appeared to have won the whole thing by getting on an earlier flight to Miami. But Uchenna & Joyce caught a lucky break when the pilot opened up the plane to let them on, setting them up for a chance for the win.

Uchenna & Joyce overtook Rob & Amber in Little Havana by finding a Cuban cigar shop called “El Rey de Los Habanos” which the clue referred to as the “King of Los Habanos.” Rob & Amber’s taxi driver didn’t know to make the translation and Uchenna & Joyce’s did. This made all the difference. For a while it looked that they wouldn’t make it, since they didn’t have money to pay for the final taxi to the Finish Line. They begged for money, paid the taxi, and ran across the line for the win. Great finish!

It did seem that Rob & Amber had a lock on this race from the beginning only to make a small mistake at the end and lose it. Apart from Rob & Amber, Uchenna & Joyce was my second choice for the win. You can’t deny it, they are good people. Congratulations to the winners! I am already looking forward to The Amazing Race 8!

1st Leg Stats
Roadblock: How low can you go? One team member gets eight chances to see how low they can go. The lower they go the earlier their departure time from the beach.
Detour: Raft It or Build It. In Raft It, teams had to navigate eight miles down a slow moving river in a raft with only a stick to steer. In Build It, teams had to build a raft using bamboo and wire and use it to cross the river to get their next clue.
Other Tasks: None.
Yield: None.
Fast Forward: None.
Pitstop: Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Funniest Moment: Ron making fun of Kelly while building the raft at the Detour. What an ass!
Smartest Play: Uchenna & Joyce using gloves at the Detour.
Dumbest Play: Rob not using gloves at the Detour and cutting his hand.
Balls of the Week: None.

2nd Leg Stats
Roadblock: Who’s ready to take the plunge? One team member had to take a jump off a 30 foot pier and swim 90 yards to get a clue.
Detour: Pony Up or Tee It Up. In Pony Up, teams needed to get on a horse, ride it into the sea, and go around buoys while the horse swims by holding its tail. In Tee It Up, teams needed to take turns hitting a golf ball onto a green 138 yards away at a driving range.
Other Tasks: Finely chop fifty onions into a pot.
Yield: None.
Fast Forward: None.
Finish: Bonnet House, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Finish Order: Uchenna & Joyce (1st), Rob & Amber (2nd), and Ron & Kelly (3rd).

Funniest Moment: Watching teams try and hit golf balls. Surely this took a while and was really edited down.
Smartest Play: Rob & Amber passing the other teams on their way to San Juan airport to get on a flight to Miami.
Dumbest Play: Ron & Kelly getting lost on the way to the San Juan airport.
Balls of the Week: Uchenna & Joyce attempting to get on the earlier flight to Miami and getting on, tying for the lead with Rob & Amber.

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  1. Go Joyce and Uchenna! I’m so glad they won!

    #1 by Meerenai — May 16, 2005 @ 9:02 am

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