The San Francisco Film Society’s flamboyant executive director, Roxanne Messina Captor, departed amid confusion from her post just one week after this year’s festival. A move that startled some members of the Board of Directors but was “made mutually” according to Melanie Blum, the Board President. Today, the San Francisco Film Society issued an official press release seeking a replacement. Hopefully they’ll get someone in time for next year’s festival. Stay tuned.

It turns out that the initial information regarding Chris was incorrect. While he did suffer a heart attack, he did not have open heart surgery. He was instead implanted with two coronary stents in two separate procedures days apart. This is great news. The idea of Chris Gentile living the rest of his life with a huge scar on his chest would have been horrific, for him. Here’s still wishing him a speedy and complete recovery.

5 Stars

I got up really early this morning, walked over to the Metreon, and saw Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith. It was awesome. Unlike Episode I and II, which were a little disappointing, this one managed to pleasantly surprise me.

Special Effects
The opening space battle had jaw-dropping effects all the way until they crashed into the landing bay. Also, I assume that R2D2 was digitally added to the scenes for this Episode. In one scene, R2 spills oil on a couple of battlemechs and uses his thrusters to light them on fire. It was awesome. Although effects were used extensively throughout the film they did not get in the way of the emotional story line–the fall of Anakin Skywalker.

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My friend and ex-coworker, Chris Gentile, suffered a heart attack and had to undergo triple-bypass heart surgery this weekend. He is recovering in his home in Miami, Florida with his immediate family. Here’s wishing him a speedy recovery.

I just watched the Star Trek Enterprise series finale and I am completely shocked as to how much it sucked. Star Trek usually comes through on the finales, whether they be season or series finales. But this time they completely fucked everything up. I am glad that there won’t be another series for a while and it will give the creative people on the show a chance to enjoy a much needed retirement.

The episode leading into the finale was the conclusion of the “Terra Prime” storyline. This was an entertaining episode that saw both Trip and T’Pol dealing with the fact that someone had cloned a Vulcan-Human Hybrid using their DNA, essentially creating their daughter. The drama helped develop their characters and their love for each other. Good character development is what has been missing from the show and it seemed that finally we were getting somewhere.

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My best friend, Santiago Labos and his girlfriend, Belinda Raedel, were engaged to be married two weeks ago. Congratulations and best wishes go out to both of them; may they have a lifetime full of peace, happiness, and tranquility. Can’t wait for the big day.

Uchenna & Joyce, Winners

In this final episode of the race, the first leg saw the last three remaining teams leave London, England and make their way to Kingston, Jamaica. The episode focused on Ron & Kelly’s crumbling relationship, with Ron seemingly unwilling to commit to marriage. However, it didn’t stop them from finishing this leg in first place. Rob & Amber ran a great leg and still finished in second place. Uchenna & Joyce left this leg in last place and finished the leg in last place thanks to a flat tire. According to the new rules, they lost all of their possessions in addition to all of their money. It all seemed lost for them.

In the second leg, teams made their way from Montego Bay, Jamaica to the finish line in Miami, Florida through Puerto. Being Puerto Rican, I really enjoyed seeing El Morro and San Juan–pretty cool. It’s hard to believe that this is the first time they’ve been there. Uchenna & Joyce seemed pretty screwed without money. Especially since the only way to get anywhere in Jamaica is via taxi. They made their way to the airport to beg for cash. Initially it seemed they weren’t going to make it, but they received some money and they were on their way several hours behind the other teams.

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Meredith & Gretchen, Eliminated

In this episode, teams made their way from Istanbul, Turkey to London, England. Uchenna & Joyce started in first place at 10:53PM, an hour ahead of the Chirpy Old Farts, an hour and a half ahead of Rob & Amber, and two hours ahead of Ron & Kelly. Ron & Kelly begged for some cash and got enough for a taxi for the first clue and to get to the airport. Uchenna & Joyce and the Chirpy Old Farts opted for a direct flight to London at 8:30AM that would arrive at 10:30AM. Rob & Amber and Ron & Kelly tried to get to London through Frankfurt, Germany, even though the connecting flight to London was sold out. If this worked, they would arrive in London at 9:00AM, a full hour and a half ahead of the other teams.

At Frankfurt Airport, it turned into a footrace to the ticket counter to try and get on standby and purchase a ticket on the connecting flight. Ultimately it didn?t matter since both teams got on the flight. Rob & Amber and Ron & Kelly were now in the lead. Rob & Amber got on the train to London first and almost immediately got a local to escort them around town?again!!!

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