Rob & Amber, First Place

In this episode, teams made their way from Khwai, Botswana to Lucknow, India. The Chirpy Old Farts are still chirpy, exclaiming “we don’t want to break a hip.” I am hoping that they will be gone soon–they are getting on my nerves. Sadly, Lynn & Alex are helping them “because we want you guys in the finals with us.” Of course they do, they can beat the old fuckers in a foot race!

All of the teams were bunched up heading to India through Mumbai and Delhi. At the Francistown, Botswana airport Lynn & Alex borrowed a cell phone and tried to squeeze out Rob & Amber and Ron & Kelly. However, Rob & Amber and Ron & Kelly managed worked with the counter person to get a flight that was scheduled to arrive 5 minutes before the flight that the other teams were on. It doesn’t sound like much, but 5 minutes is still a lead.

Rob & Amber proceeded to get lucky at the Roadblock with Amber finding a clue in a tin box almost immediately. They were off to the Detour, inc which all of the teams chose to do the Liquid task. Smashing coal in the Indian heat apparently didn’t appeal to anyone. The tea delivery task was a pain in the ass because teams could only deliver one cup of tea at a time which made the task seemingly stretch out forever.

Rob & Amber and Ron & Kelly completed the tea task at roughly the same time. Both teams were shocked to see the clue which said to “see Phil on the Mat” and made no mention of a Pitstop. Rob & Amber managed to get a tuk-tuk taxi instead of a bicycle rickshaw to get to the mat and arrived there first. Phil told them that they were still racing and proceeded to give them their next clue. The screen then flashed “To Be Continued…”

This episode was reminiscent of the “Lori & Bolo to be continued” episode from the previous race, which saddens me. Why? Well the Chirpy Old Farts are in last place and look like they are about to be eliminated. However, due to this “extended” leg they may be able to get out of last place, just like Lori & Bolo. I hope not.

Episode Stats
Roadblock: Who has a lot of patience? Search 600 tin boxes for 10 boxes that contain a clue.
Detour: Solid or Liquid. In Solid, teams had to break down coal with sledgehammers and fill burlap sacks with 170 pounds of coal and deliver the sacks using a three-wheeled bicycle. In Liquid, teams had to deliver tea from a tea cart to five people within a large office building and return the tea cart and business cards for their next clue.
Other Tasks: None.
Yield: Yes, nobody yielded.
Fast Forward: None.
Pitstop: None.

Funniest Moment: The look on Gretchen’s face at the taxi window counter.
Smartest Play: Rob & Amber and Ron & Kelly getting an earlier flight. Five minutes made a difference.
Dumbest Play: Lynn & Alex trying to get ahead of Rob & Amber and Ron & Kelly at the airport.
Balls of the Week: Lynn & Alex trying to get ahead of Rob & Amber and Ron & Kelly at the airport, but they failed.

Prediction of Next Team Eliminated: Meredith & Gretchen, it has to happen eventually.
Pick to Win: Rob & Amber (Currently 1st)

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  1. I was mad when they did the to be continues thing but it was interesting and it was a twist so in the end It was pretty great!!!

    #1 by Elizabeth — May 14, 2005 @ 4:22 pm

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