Brian & Greg, Eliminated

In this leg of the race, teams made their way to the town of Sankuyo Village in Botswana. Brian & Greg started tried to find a clue at the wrond water tower. Brian even climbed to the top of the water tower even though the clue clearly stated that the clue would be “beneath the water tower.” These guys are acting really dumb on this leg. Perhaps they bumped their heads pretty hard during their accident.

Uchenna & Joyce were the only team to do the Carry It challenge and they kicked ass doing it. Leaving the Detour they moved up to third place right behind Ron & Kelly and Rob & Amber. They were able to almost catch up at the following Roadblock. However, they failed to remove the post from the ground at the Roadblock and were unable to check into the Pitstop in third place. They had to drive nine miles back to the Roadblock to remove the post from the ground and still made it to the Pitstop in third place.

Meredith & Gretchen, the Chirpy Old Farts, drove right past the clue at the end of the Roadblock and they too were unable to check into the Pitstop in fourth place. They went back to the Roadblock, got the clue, and checked into the Pitstop in fifth place.

A lot of drama at the end but the Brothers were still eliminated. Incredibly, the Chirpy Old Farts are still alive. They just refuse to die. Maybe they’ll be in the final three–not!!!

Leg Stats
Detour: Carry It or Milk It. In Carry It, teams had to carry three items on their heads. In Milk It, teams had to milk a goat.
Roadblock: Who’s ready for a real roadblock? One team member had to drive through an obstacle course and remove log roadblocks from the road.
Other Tasks: None.
Yield: None.
Fast Forward: None.
Pitstop: Khwai, Botswana

Funniest Moment: The Chirpy Old Farts driving past the clue.
Smartest Play: Uchenna & Joyce completing the Carry It challenge.
Dumbest Play: The Brothers looking for the clue at the wrong tower.
Balls of the Week: Nobody.

Prediction of Next Team Eliminated: Meredith & Gretchen, it has to happen eventually.
Pick to Win: Rob & Amber (Currently 1st)

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