Susan & Patrick, Eliminated

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In this leg of the race, teams made their way from Mendoza, Argentina to Buenos Aires, Argentina. The biggest catch was that there were only two flights to Buenos Aires leaving five hours apart. So, it would have seemed that teams in the back of the pack would take a huge time penalty at the airport.

Before heading to the airport teams had to make their way to a ranch for a Detour. The leading teams, those who ate the four pounds of meat in the last round, were almost guaranteed a five hour lead over the other teams. Rob & Amber were the first of the “back of the pack” teams to reach the Roadblock and they even got lost heading over to it. Rob was able to complete the challenge in his first try with only 30 minutes time to reach the first departing flight.

They reached the airport right at 9:30AM and talked the person at the ticket counter to “hold the plane for them.” Through the magic of editing, the meat-eaters were gloating that the reason they were on the plane was because they didn’t “take shortcuts.” It was emotionally disturbing to all of them when they saw Rob & Amber walking onto the plane. Rob asked, “Ron, how’s your stomach?” as he got into his seat–it was awesome!

Ray & Deana talked shit about Meredith & Gretchen (aka the Chirpy Old Farts–thanks, Larry) the entire episode. It came painfully close to being clinically obsessive. Ray was pissed that he was at the back of the pack with the Chirpy Old Farts and complained about it all the time. What’s funny is that the Old Farts jumped ahead of Ray & Deana at one point. At this point Ray decided to play a trick on the Old Farts. At one of the challenges Ray waved them away from the clue box for about ten minutes.

After Susan & Patrick’s boat broke down Patrick had a “tearless breakdown.” He kept saying “Mom, there’s no hope–when it’s done it’s done…this is really stupid.” It was pathetic! They deserved to go the fuck home.

Rob & Amber finished this leg in first place. Amazingly, that’s twice in this race that they’ve gone from fifth to first. That’s unheard of. They have definitely proven to all of the other teams that they are the team to beat.

Leg Stats
Detour: Shipwreck or Island. Search the San Antonio river delta for an old shipwrecked boat or search for a marked island (Tiger, Argentina).
Roadblock: Whos ready to horse around? (Mendoza, Argentina) Ride around some barrels and collect a ring on a horse.
Other Tasks: None.
Yield: None.
Fast Forward: None.
Pitstop: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Funniest Moment: The look of horror on other teams’ faces when Rob & Amber walked onto the first plane.
Smartest Play: Rob doing the Roadblock quickly enough to get on the first plane.
Dumbest Play: Meredith & Gretched following Ray & Deana.
Balls of the Week: Nobody. Patrick was such a big pussy that he sucked any amount of ballsy behavior out of all the other teams.

Prediction of Next Team Eliminated: Ray & Deana
Pick to Win: Rob & Amber (Currently 1st)

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