Erik Jendresen, writer for the next Star Trek film broke silence yesterday and gave some news about the new film. The story of the film will take place approximately 160 BK, or about 160 years before Kirk. However, the film will not feature anyone from the Enterprise series cast.

Instead of focusing the action around an Enterprise crew, the story will center around the Romulans attempting to start a war with Earth. Jendresen also hinted that by the end of his film, “everything isn’t fine.” Good, we need some change. Unfortunately we’ll have to wait a while since it isn’t going to be ready for release until 2007.

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  1. Star Trek XI

    A new Star Trek movie will be released on 2008. Read this news. Since ST: Enterprise was cancelled, my fervor to Sci-Fi was gone. Now it is coming back. And the official website of XI. On imdb page, it says Matt Damon acts as Captain James T. Kirk. It …

    #1 by Living Better BLOG — July 23, 2006 @ 12:47 am

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