I was contacted by the San Francisco Film Festival last week. This in itself wasn’t out of the ordinary since I am a member of the San Francisco Film Society. However, this was different. I received an email from the publicist of the festival because in the past I have posted information and reviews of the festival on The Daily Nugget. She apparently searched for online press in Google and found my past blog posts and reviews. Due to my previous “coverage,” she offered me press credentials to cover the event officially this year.

This is proof positive that bloggers are being recognized as valid news sources by many industries, including the entertainment industry. I assume that my blog isn’t the only blog invited to attend the event. However, needless to say, being recognized as a news organizaton is very flattering and exciting. As official press for the event I will be able to schedule one-on-one interviews with film directors that will be attending the festival, see advanced screenings of the films, and obtain full-access to opening night and closing night ceremonies. Look for official SF Film Festival coverage soon.


  1. Awesome, Fabe! Congratulations!!

    #1 by Jimmy — March 4, 2005 @ 9:24 am

  2. Kickass!!

    #2 by Meerenai — March 4, 2005 @ 10:30 pm

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