It’s pretty clear that if you live on a street that has the work “creek” in it, bad shit can and will happen to you. A man in Scotts Valley who just recently bought a house on Bean Creek Road barely escaped with his life after a mudslide “moved” his house downhill. More evidence? We had good friends that lived on Creek Road in Fairfax and their power would continually go out during storms, the creek adjacent to their backyard would sometimes overflow, and their garage was also sometimes flooded by rain runoff.

Below are articles I found on Google by typing “Creek Road” and the words mudslide, flood, or fire:

Mudslide Wednesday closes road, McIntyre Creek Road, Canada, 02/2004
Gypsum Creek Road Mudslide, Eagle, CO, 07/19/2004
Floods, Juneau, Alaska, Montana Creek Road, Date Unknown
The Old Fire, Hook Creek Road, San Bernardino, CA, 10/25/2003

I hope my friend Larry doesn’t take offense to this post–he loved his little house on Creek Road. Thankfully now he lives in a beautiful home in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii which will help him forget the good times and bad times in Fairfax. Hopefully he’ll just forget the bad times.

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  1. Oh, yow _know_. when I saw the headline, I freaked! I thought Kevin and Michelle were screwed by a late Winter storm! (Beautiful day in Kona, 79 degrees).

    #1 by Larry O’Brien — March 22, 2005 @ 6:47 pm

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