Well, as many of you know I am without a television right now. Actually, I just got off the phone with the shipping company and found out that the TV I ordered will not arrive until Friday afternoon of next week! April Fool’s Day. As such I won’t be able to do full episode summaries for a couple of weeks.

Until then I’ll have to get my AR7 fix from the CBS website–pretty sad indeed. However, I am happy to say that I called it this week. Rob & Amber are back in 1st place and Susan & Patrick were eliminated. Told ya.


  1. Too bad — it was classic! Coming out of the pit stop, there were two planes, departing five hours apart. Those who had “eaten the meat” got on the plane and were all talking about how they hated Rob & Amber. At least the way they edited it, they closed the plane doors, Rob & Amber show up at the airport, ask to get on the plane, and the ticket guy calls ahead to hold the plane. Even Rob was so amazed he couldn’t even, well, barely, smirk — “Nice people. They’re…uh…holding the plane for us!”

    The looks on the other teams were priceless when Rob & Amber walked onto the plane.

    Then a challenge yadda yadda yadda and Rob & Amber are first completed, first heading to the pit stop. Favorite Rob quote of all time: “I’ve always been lucky. It’s like I was born with a horseshoe. Right up my ass.”

    The second wave of challengers were the weaker players including the increasingly obnoxious Deanna & Chief Asshat. Chirpy Old Farts battled with Pussyboy and Mom for last. Chief Asshat, having found the clue, waved Chirpy Old Farts to follow and led them miles in the wrong direction before they realized “Gooly gosh darnit, I think he LIED!”

    Meanwhile, Pussyboy reached a new height of “It’s hopeless. We’ve lost. Why are you pretending otherwise?” At least when other people break down, they have the decency of either crying or becoming enraged.

    The final few minutes of the show were terrifying because there was the thought that Pussboy and Mom would finish last but it would be a non-elimination leg. Thankfully, they were sent back to wussland.

    #1 by Larry O’Brien — March 24, 2005 @ 9:26 am

  2. I think Larry should contribute more to the nug. I almost laughed myself off the chair while reading Larry’s recap.

    #2 by Meerenai — March 24, 2005 @ 9:45 am

  3. This episode sounds awesome–I can’t wait to watch it when the TV arrives :)

    #3 by Nugget — March 26, 2005 @ 6:49 pm

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