Debbie & Bianca, Eliminated

In this leg of the race, teams made their way from Santiago, Chile to Argentina. Teams had to drive across the Andes Mountains from the country of Chile to the country of Argentina, which seemed like an awesome drive. The road was filled with huge switchbacks to get over the mountains and the views looked stunning. It definitely looked like something worth doing the next time you vacation in South America. I definitely want to drive across them.

Before teams could depart on their drive, they had to wait for an underground car park to open. Rob and Amber were so far ahead from the other teams that they went back to the hotel to get a little shut-eye before taking off. When they woke up, they stole Debbie & Biancas taxi that was waiting for them while they got directions in the hotel lobby. This was an omen for things to come, as Debbie & Bianca would have a really bad day. The cab stealing didnt afford Rob & Amber any lead on the race, but it managed to annoy Debbie & Bianca.

It was strange that it took Susan & Patrick so long to leave the city and get on the highway. They drove around the city for an hour and forty minutes before getting on the highwaywhat the fuck!? But as bad as they were with directions they were not as bad as Debbie & Bianca. After leaving the city of Santiago, Chile teams had to get on the main highway for about twenty minutes and then veer off to the Los Andes exit to cross the Andes into Argentina. Debbie & Bianca drove past the exit not just for a few minutes, but for two and a half hours! It wasnt until they saw the ocean that they realized that they took a wrong turn. They should be ashamed of themselves!

Is it any wonder that they were eliminated? And just like that there are no female-only teams left in this race. I guess an all-female team may never win the race.

Everyone was anxious to reach the Yield before Rob & Amber so that they could yield them, but Rob & Amber reached it first so nobody was yielded. Lynn & Alex managed to pass Rob & Amber by paddling past them on the river. But they didnt know the hell that lay ahead. In what I think is one of the worst Roadblocks ever on the race, one team member had to eat four pounds of meat at a traditional Argentinian BBQ, which included cow rib, intestines, kidney, salivary gland, and blood sausage. Again, this was a really hard challenge.

Rob again took game play to the next level on the race. Rob & Amber arrived at the Roadblock behind Lynn & Alex and Rob started eating the meat. After a about an hour, Rob decided to stop eating the meat and take a four-hour penalty. The penalty would not start until the arrival of the next team to the task. This is where it gets good. Rob knew that he would lose unless he talked other teams to stop attempting the Roadblock and do the same team, since another teams penalty would not start until an additional team arrived at the task.

This was genius! He didnt want to eat it, but he didnt want to lose. So he talked another team, Ray & Deana to wait until the next team arrives. As soon as Deana agreed to quit, Rob & Amber were guaranteed not to be eliminated because another team had not arrived. Another team would not arrive for another hour and forty minutes. Meredith, of Meredith & Gretchen, also quit and waited the penalty out. For the first time ever, social engineering became an integral part of the raceI never thought I would see this! I predict that Rob & Amber will come back to the top three, if not the lead on the next leg.

Race Stats
Detour: Paddle or Pedal (Puente Viejo, Argentina), Mountain bike seven miles or river raft seven miles.
Roadblock: Whos not a vegetarian? (Mendoza, Argentina) Eat four pounds of weird pieces of beef at a traditional Argentinian BBQ.
Other Physical Tasks: None.
Yield: Yes (Puente Viejo, Argentina). Nobody yielded.

Funniest Moment: Rob & Amber stealing Debbie & Biancas cab by offering the driver more money.
Smartest Play: Rob deciding to skip the Roadblock and socially engineer other teams to do the same.
Dumbest Play: Debbie & Bianca driving two and a half hours in the wrong direction.
Balls of the Week: Debbie for river rafting after having almost drowned in a river raft a few months before the race.

Prediction of Next Team Eliminated: Susan & Patrick No Sense of Direction
Pick to Win: Rob & Amber (Currently 5th)

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