Megan & Heidi, Eliminated

In this leg of the race, teams made their way from Peru to Santiago, Chile. Prior to getting on a plane, teams had to make their way via bus to Arequipa, Peru. All of the teams started in the middle of the night and headed to the bus depot with $480 in cash. The bus ticket counters did not open until morning, so once there Boston Rob asked for information from a security guard. Rob found out that the bus that left at 7:00AM arrived quicker than the bus that left at 6:40AM due to the number of stops and decided to bribe the guard to not tell the other teams.

Needless to say, the other teams found out about Robs plan and were not happy. Several teams confronted Rob and he, of course, denied all wrongdoing. In the end, all of the teams boarded the 7:00AM bus to Robs dismay. Not to be outdone, on the way to Arequipa Rob bribed the driver to only open only the front door of the bus and not the rear door. He got two other teams that were sitting near the front to pitch in money for the bribe. The icing on the cake was that Rob used only the other teams money to bribe the driverhe didnt put in any money of his own. I must say this was brilliant. This type of politicking has been missing from the race for years and it took having a Survivor on the race to make it happen. Great idea!

A couple of taxis really screwed some of the teams, particularly Megan & Heidi and Brian & Greg. They took such a long route to get to the virgin statue that teams from the second flight beat them to the statue. But its their own damn fault! Both teams looked and acted like tourist and gave their taxi driver no feeling of urgency. Instead, Brian sheepishly asked after they were stuck in traffic, Senor, do you know where were going? They acted like pussies and got literally taken for a ride for a bigger fare. Ive seen taxis do this on the race before, its nothing new. Taxi drivers are like dogs, they can smell fear and they knew they had suckers in the car. All of the other teams were in a hurry, were assertive, and demanded to be taken, rapido. And sure enough, everyone got there quickly except for Megan & Heidi and Brian & Greg. If you ask me, both teams deserved to be eliminated.

Rob yelled andiamo at taxi drivers that spoke Spanish, not ItalianI thought that this was really funny, but hey, it got the job done. At the bookstore, Rob & Amber were tied with Ron & Kelly. Ron decided that it would be best to make two trips and hastily stacked books on the dolly that he would later drop. In contrast, Rob took his time loading the hand cart with all 180 books necessary to complete the challenge. This made all the difference and Rob & Amber easily took first place. They have the tools to win the whole thing and I feel really confident about my pick for them to win the race.

Unfortunately, the best eye candy got eliminated, because Megan & Heidi were hot, hot, hot. After the taxi fiasco though, the hoes had to go. Its clear that their friends Brian & Greg are going to be next unless they wash off that strong scent of pussy they are wearing at this Pit Stop.

Race Stats
Detour: Shop or Schlep (Santiago, Chile), Buy ingredients at the central market or move books from a bookstore to the congressional library.
Roadblock: Who loves shoes? (Arequipa, Peru) Perform five shoe shines to obtain the next clue.
Other Physical Tasks: None.
Yield: None.

Funniest Moment: Lynn & Alex yelling at the fish guys in the central market.
Smartest Play: Rob taking his time and stacking all of the books properly on the way to the library.
Dumbest Play: Megan & Heidi and Brian & Greg getting taken for a ride by taxi drivers.
Balls of the Week: Anyone but Brian & Greg.

Prediction of Next Team Eliminated: Brian & Greg
Pick to Win: Rob & Amber (Currently 1st)

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