Ryan & Chuck, Eliminated

In the opening leg of the race, teams started off in Long Beach, California and made their way to Lima, Peru. Rob & Amber were almost immediately behind when Rob had problems opening up the trunk in the marked cars. They were nearly last in reaching LAX airport and managed to get on the second of two designated flights to Peru. The second flight was scheduled to land one hour and twenty-five minutes after the first. In case you haven’t already figured it out, I am rooting for Rob & Amber.

Rob & Amber met someone on the plane that recognized them from Survivor and offered to help them navigate their way through Peru. Their guide managed to get them on buses and negotiated in Spanish to pay the drivers extra not to stop and pick up passengers, only to drop passengers off. This gave Rob & Amber a huge advantage–it was like all of Peru was on their side. In contrast, many of the other teams had problems with the language barrier and it took them a long time to arrange transportation. And it was only Spanish!

The assistance that Rob & Amber received allowed them to move from a tie for seventh, arriving at the airport, to a tie for first place, leaving on the first chartered flight to Cuzco, Peru. Other teams are definitely playa hatin’ on Rob & Amber–they don’t want them to win another $1 million, “well that’s too bad.”

Watching teams trying to rope llamas was hilarious! Llamas apparently spit on people when they are not happy and they were not happy about being herded by strangers. Particularly, Susan & Patrick, their llamas spit on them repeatedly. It was awesome. In contrast, Meredith & Gretchen, the old folks, didn’t have any problems with their llamas. By the way, the old man’s name is Meredith, isn’t that a girl’s name? Poor guy.

Ray & Deana are the fighting couple of this race. Granted a much more toned down version compared to Jonathan & Victoria in the last race, but you can tell that Ray will definitely abuse Deana throughout the race. In this episode, Ray told Deana to “suck it up” at least three or four times and you can tell that his frustration with Deana will lead to a blow up in later episodes.

Upon arriving at the Pit Stop mat, Debbie & Bianca got a big surprise. As winners of the first leg of the race they received $10,000 each–a $20,000 prize for winning the leg. This is the first time that cash has been given away as a prize for winning a leg on the race. That is a really pleasant surprise. Susan & Patrick came in second, and Rob & Amber came in third. An amazing race leg for these guys considering that they made their way to third from the back of the pack.

Race Stats
Physical Tasks: Digging in Sand for Tickets (Playa Hermosa), Zip Line (Over Gorge)
Detour: Rope a Llama or Rope a Basket
Roadblock: None.
Yield: None.

Funniest Moment: Llamas spitting on Susan & Patrick, repeatedly.
Smartest Play: Rob & Amber moving to first place at Playa Hermosa.
Dumbest Play: Teams digging for 7:40AM tickets when 7:00AM tickets were available.
Balls of the Week: None, everyone did the Zip Line without incident.

Prediction of Next Team Eliminated: Ron & Kelly
Pick to Win: Rob & Amber (Currently 3rd)

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  1. More thoughts and funny observations watching the premier episode a second time:

    1) I forgot to mention how awesome it was that the race started in my old stomping grounds, the LBC.
    2) It’s not a race until an old fart falls.
    3) Brian & Greg were told to “look out for thieves” in Spanish and they responded with “Gracias!?”
    4) Everyone hates Amber & Rob–too bad.
    5) Ron & Kelly are dumb, they let someone else tell them where to dig.
    6) Gretchen is a big complainer.
    7) Boston Rob is pretty funny.
    8) Airports suck.
    9) Peru is beautiful.
    10) Llamas hate people they don’t know.
    11) Lynn is the funniest queen ever on the show.
    12) Llamas are good at aiming snot.
    13) Mental note: never choose the Llamas.
    14) Old people will never win this race.
    15) Ron & Kelly deserved to go as much as the Hillbillies did.

    #1 by Nugget — March 5, 2005 @ 3:01 pm

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