I just installed Google’s Toolbar 3 Beta and let me just say, it’s amazing! The coolest of the new features and one that I will use regularly in posting on this blog is the Spell Check. Spell Check allows you to spell check data that you type into any form! This means no more typing out large blog posts in MS Word prior to copying them into the Movable Type forms for publishing.

The AutoLink feature is cool too. It automatically links addresses on any page to the Google Maps service. Additionally, it can link package tracking numbers to delivery status, U.S. vehicle VIN numbers to vehicle history, and publication ISBN numbers to Amazon.com listings. They obviously have a deal with Amazon for the ISBN numbers. However, it’s pretty funny that if you go to Barnes and Noble and click on an ISBN on their site it takes you to the book listing at Amazon. BN isn’t going to like that shit, I am sure that cease and desist notices are flying as we speak.

Lastly, the Word Translator can translate single English words into other languages, but not foreign words into English. Or at least not yet! Once it translates reciprocally it will be more useful to me. However, I am sure this is very helpful for foreign Toolbar users. It is clear that Google will take over the world–I am just glad to be around to see it.

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