I know everyone’s probably heard about Apple’s revamped iPod line. They’ve added a new 6GB iPod Mini, increased the iPod Mini battery life to 18 hours, lowered the price on the 4GB iPod Mini, 20GB iPod, and all iPod Photos. Not bad.

Unfortunately, the old adage “get what you pay for” holds true. The iPods are cheaper, but they come with fewer accessories. Apple is no longer including a firewire connector for new iPods in favor of the more Windows-friendly USB 2.0. And according to The Apple Blog, some much loved items are also missing from the iPod Photo bundles.

The iPod photo also no longer ships with a dock, AV cable, or carrying case, so to get a 60 GB iPod photo that is feature-equivalent to the original, your accessories tab at the Apple Store will run you $77 plus whatever you spend for the case.

Although the new price point for the 60GB iPod Photo is much more attractive, the fact that you get much less sours the deal some. I guess no matter how cool a business is, it’s still business. The bottom-line matters most of all.

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