Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve heard about what happened to Mark Jen. Mark was fired from Google after he detailed confidential financial information on his blog. Google asked him to take the offending content down, which he did immediately. Then two days later he was fired from the company. Here’s the story, straight from the horse’s mouth.

Google is one of my firm’s clients and I work at the Googleplex, the Google campus, almost every day. I can tell you that this has sent ripples throughout the company, particularly through those employees which keep their own blogs. The fear of being terminated for accidentally, or deliberately, disclosing confidential information is real–not just at Google. It probably doesn’t help that Google does not have an official policy regarding employee blogs and what can or can’t be written in them.

A word of advice to bloggers at Google, or elsewhere, don’t post any company-specific information that cannot be verified by a public news source. If you do, there may be consequences. Good luck to all.

More news on this fiasco:
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