Jonathan & Victoria, Eliminated

Yes, Jonathan & Victoria are finally gone. In this leg of the race, teams made their way from Corsica, France to Lalibela, Ethiopia. The race was really tight throughout the entire leg, but a misread of a clue was finally Jonathan & Victoria’s undoing. Oddly, the edit of this episode made Jonathan seem a lot towards Victoria. I don’t know if this was by design or because he was actually starting to be nice to her. I guess that without seeing all of the footage they captured we will never know.

Yielded: Freddy & Kendra by Adam & Rebecca

Funniest Moment: Adam having a tantrum after he realized he was an idiot for leaving the church and crying at the Pit Stop–what a lamer.
Smartest Play: The Yield of Freddy & Kendra by Adam & Rebecca.
Dumbest Play: Adam leaving the church area looking for monks when they were right outside the church entrance.
Balls of the Week: Nothing really ballsy happened, but by default everyone had more balls than Adam.

Prediction of Next Team Eliminated: Hayden & Aaron or Lori & Bolo
Pick to Win: Kris & Jon (Currently 3rd)

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