Freddy & Kendra, Winners

The final episode is divided into two major legs. In the first hour one team is eliminated and then the final three teams race to the finish line in the second hour of the show.

Due to frustration at the Roadblock on the first leg, Hayden & Aaron incurred a four-hour penalty and were eliminated from the race. The Roadblock consisted of trying to open thousands of lock with keys at the top of a mountain. Hayden & Aaron had a tough time all day getting to the Roadblock. Their taxi driver got lost on the way to the mountain and they ended up ditching their cab for another. Aaron almost came to blows with the driver when he refused to pay him. All of this plus the stress of the Roadblock caused Hayden to have a breakdown and lose it. She probably broke down many times but only a couple made it into the final edit.

There was some light at the end of the tunnel though. For the first time on the Amazing Race a team member proposed marriage to their teammate. No, not Adam & Rebecca. Aaron proposed to Hayden on the Pit Stop mat in front of Phil and Adam & Rebecca–she accepted. Aaron did not appear to be prepared with a ring, but proposing (indirectly) in front of millions of people takes moxie, I give him credit for that. Adam & Rebecca stood there both stunned and jealous of the relationship that Hayden & Aaron enjoy. Since it seems clear that Adam & Rebecca will not be a couple at the end of the race. It was very emotional and you couldn’t help but be happy for Hayden & Aaron. Truly amazing–I wish them the best of luck.

At the end of the first leg, Kris & Jon were in first place, followed closely by Freddy & Kendra, and trailed by Adam & Rebecca who were several hours behind.

The second leg of the race had one of the coolest Roadblocks I’ve seen. In this Roadblock, a team member had to skydive in tandem with an instructor onto a sand bar in the middle of a bay. It essentially looked as though they were landing in the ocean, but they were landing in about three feet of water. It looked totally awesome. This Roadblock may actually be cooler than the Zorb challenge that they did in the previous race.

Sadly, even though Kris & Jon led through most of the race, consistently finished at the top of the pack, and had the best attitude, teamwork, and communication they did not win the race. A mistake at the Honolulu Airport, in which they didn’t book the fastest flight to Chicago, cost them the race. In fact, they almost caught Freddy & Kendra at the end. But Freddy & Kendra were the winners after it was all said and done. I’d like to say they deserved it, but they didn’t. They only won because Kris & Jon made a mistake at the very end. Too bad.

Funniest Moment: Adam trying to be tough with the ground crew in Tokyo and mustering, “You are very mean, and very cold!” in the whiniest voice possible–how sad.
Smartest Play: Kris finding the lock quickly at the first leg Roadblock.
Dumbest Play: Kris & Jon not getting the fastest flight to Chicago, a $1 million mistake.
Balls of the Week: Adam, the biggest pussy in reality television history, not complaining or crying during the second leg skydiving Roadblock. He almost redeemed himself.

Be sure to tune in to the Amazing Race 7 Premiere on March 1st.

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