I am always amazed when people are inventive and creative. I guess that’s why I like computers. With a little time and mental capacity, you can make something really cool. A friend of mine sent me a link where a guy did just that. CVS sells a $20 digital camera that you can use and return to CVS for processing. After it’s all said and done, you’ve spent upwards of $35 to process 25 pics. Well, some guy wanted to stick it to the man. So he modded the camera so he can download the pics to his PC. Now he doesn’t have to fill the pockets of CVS’s execs. Instead he can take as many pictures as he wants and only print out what he wants. My favorite part of the mod, a warning he posts before attempting to flash the firmware:

WARNING: It is easy to kill your camera if you make a mistake following these instructions. If losing the $20 you paid for your camera is too much for you to risk, stop now and go watch TV or something. Follow these instructions at your own risk.

You’ve been warned. See you at CVS.

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  1. Sweet!

    #1 by Meerenai — February 25, 2005 @ 8:04 pm

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