Where's Lumbergh?Look at what I got in the mail today. A Rio Red Swingline stapler. Milton would be so proud.

Some friends and I were up in Tahoe this weekend doing a little snowboarding at Alpine Meadows. Sadly, I managed to break my left wrist. I’ll post more details this evening. This is my first typing attempt since the injury and I now realize it’s really hard to type using only one hand.

Yes, you read that correctly. Sharp has unveiled a refrigerator that can keep food warm. Your miso soup or chicken katsu can be kept warm at 130 degrees Fahrenheit (55 degrees Celsius) while you grab a cold Kirin in the neighboring compartment. Hubby, wife, or life partner coming home late? The warming area can be set to act like a real fridge and chill the food. What will the Japanese think of next? Probably a handheld gaming system with dual touch screens. That would be sweet!

Francis Hwang had a cool idea. He wanted to auction off a modified version of Apple’s U2 iPod. When the Unauthorized iPod U2 vs. Negativland Special Edition was listed on eBay, Apple got wind of it and told eBay to pull the plug. That was December 2004. Now it’s 2005 and Francis won’t let the man keep him down. He is currently auctioning the iPod on his own site. I’d like to meet Francis because he’s got some serious cojones. Apple will sue at the drop of a hat. I wish him the best of luck. Auction ends March 14, so place your bids while you can.

via Wired News

I’m on a wallpaper making frenzy. Here’s a little something for all of the Red vs. Blue fans out there. Don’t forget the headlight fluid.

I thought I’d make a sweet ass wallpaper by throwing together two things I love, iPods and Halo 2. You like it? I thought it was pretty cool. Until…

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I am always amazed when people are inventive and creative. I guess that’s why I like computers. With a little time and mental capacity, you can make something really cool. A friend of mine sent me a link where a guy did just that. CVS sells a $20 digital camera that you can use and return to CVS for processing. After it’s all said and done, you’ve spent upwards of $35 to process 25 pics. Well, some guy wanted to stick it to the man. So he modded the camera so he can download the pics to his PC. Now he doesn’t have to fill the pockets of CVS’s execs. Instead he can take as many pictures as he wants and only print out what he wants. My favorite part of the mod, a warning he posts before attempting to flash the firmware:

WARNING: It is easy to kill your camera if you make a mistake following these instructions. If losing the $20 you paid for your camera is too much for you to risk, stop now and go watch TV or something. Follow these instructions at your own risk.

You’ve been warned. See you at CVS.

Get Firefox!
So here’s the deal. If your not using Firefox, I’d highly recommend it. And I’m not gonna give you the ‘it’s more secure than IE’ crap. I’m asking you to use it because it’s cooler. Adding a news aggregator is one thing, but the Firefox community has so much more to offer. The ability to personalize your browser is a huge reason why I use Firefox. I have no doubt that anyone that uses it would feel the same. If you’re interested in trying it out, click on the banner I provided. Here are a few cool things you can download to make your Firefox experience a bit sweeter:

Themes – Themes change the look and feel of the browser.

Extensions – Applets that add functionality to the browser. I recommend the following:

  • Sage – Our friendly news aggregator
  • Tabbrowser Preferences – Adds some extra options to the basic tab controls.
  • ForecastFox – Displays weather in your status bar. Click on the icons and Firefox takes you to Weather.com.
  • FoxyTunes – Control your fave music player from your browser. Supports Winamp, iTunes, WMP, et. al.
  • Tab Clicking Options – Allows you to control tabs via mouse clicks. Way cool.

Of course there’s more, but I have to run to a meeting. If you try it, hope you like it. If you don’t, shame on you.

Some of the Nug’s loyal readers are probably wondering about my little blogasm yesterday. Usually I post on topics I run across when I surf. It’s a very passive way to find info to blog about. That all changed when I downloaded an extension for Firefox called Sage 1.3.1. It’s a news feed aggregator that is displayed in Firefox’s sidebar. It’s pretty sweet. So essentially, I visited all of my fave sites and added their RSS or Atom feeds to Sage. Now I get the news delivered to me. Needless to say, it’s a much more efficient method of news gathering. The results were pretty obvious yesterday.

If you’ve been under a rock, or at the very least not watching Comedy Central, you probably don’t know that new episodes of South Park will be starting to air on March 9th. Be there.

From the desk calendar I got for Christmas, here’s a pretty interesting trivia question:

Which U.S. racetrack was the first to install a photo-finish camera?

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Whilst reading a post about the Airbus A380 on the Londonist, a link to the Polish Poster Gallery was given. What is wrong with them? This is their movie poster for Weekend at Bernie’s. WEEKEND AT BERNIE’S! Damn!

Via the Google Blog, the world’s most popular search engine now has an operator that will help you find movie-related info in a jiffy. Looking for a movie about rings and elves. Try [movie: rings elves]. How about a Steve McQueen flick? Try [movie: Steve McQueen]. Heck, maybe you want show times for a film in your area. [movie: Las Vegas, NV] should do the trick. I said it before. I’ll say it again. Google. Cool like the other side of the pillow. And I thought the [define] operator was sweet.

Mobile PC Magazine has released their cool and controversial ‘The Top 100 Gadgets of All Time‘. Some notables from the list:

89. RUBIK’S CUBE, 1974 (Which I can solve in under 5 minutes!)

I wish they still made ‘Speak & Spell’. That should totally be higher on the list!

I know everyone’s probably heard about Apple’s revamped iPod line. They’ve added a new 6GB iPod Mini, increased the iPod Mini battery life to 18 hours, lowered the price on the 4GB iPod Mini, 20GB iPod, and all iPod Photos. Not bad.

Unfortunately, the old adage “get what you pay for” holds true. The iPods are cheaper, but they come with fewer accessories. Apple is no longer including a firewire connector for new iPods in favor of the more Windows-friendly USB 2.0. And according to The Apple Blog, some much loved items are also missing from the iPod Photo bundles.

The iPod photo also no longer ships with a dock, AV cable, or carrying case, so to get a 60 GB iPod photo that is feature-equivalent to the original, your accessories tab at the Apple Store will run you $77 plus whatever you spend for the case.

Although the new price point for the 60GB iPod Photo is much more attractive, the fact that you get much less sours the deal some. I guess no matter how cool a business is, it’s still business. The bottom-line matters most of all.

Okay, is it just me, or is it really morbid to print pictures that an unsuspecting couple took right before they were crunched by the tsunami? And of course, in the last photo they are almost underwater. Sad.

Larry found one of the coolest sites ever. OpensourceCMS provides one location for everyone to play with some of the more popular content management systems. The username and passwords are provided. All you have to do is visit, logon, and play. No need to worry about mucking up the site. Everything gets rebuilt from scratch every two hours. If anyone is interested in online publishing or blogging, swing by. It’s gnarly!

Due to “human error”, a spam message sent to MSNBC was distributed to their breaking news subscriber list. MSNBC posted the usual apology online stating “[the company] regrets the error and is taking steps to make sure it does not happen again.” This just goes to show that all the money in the world cannot cure stupidity.

As seen on Memepool, a children’s show called Rainbow that ran from the late 70’s to the early 80’s in the U.K. was written by a pervert and includes all kinds of sexual innuendo. This episode clip is one example. Please keep in mind this was broadcast and seen by millions of children. Crazy.

5 Stars

Mama and I were in Las Vegas this weekend and got a chance to see Cirque du Soleil’s Ka at the MGM Grand. Not having seen the “O” show at the Bellagio I cannot draw any comparisons between the two. However, I believe that Ka stands alone as a visually and aurally stunning show that you have to see to believe. The amazing acrobatic performances are matched with a soundtrack that mixes Asian inspired sounds and instruments with tribal drums and rhythms. Surround sound audio effects are recreated with speakers within every seat so that every audience member hears them from the same perspective.

Mama and Ka Cast Member
The backdrop for the story is a mechanical stage that is an engineering marvel. The main stage deck is suspended over a giant pit and has the ability to rotate in almost every direction, even becoming a sheer vertical wall for several acts. The stage completely and smoothly morphs between acts to recreate completely different scenes. From a pit, to a flying boat, to an imperial ceremony, to a boat at sea, to a beach, to a mountain, to a cliff, to a factory, the stage morphs from one amazing environment to the next. There is also a rear stage platform that has the ability to move from backstage to frontstage and several other secondary stage platforms and columns that moved in and out of scenes. The stage environment itself is almost like another character in a cast of nearly eighty artists and deserves its own applause.

Weaving martial arts styles from around the world as well as floor and high-wire acrobatics, the show’s storyline is action-packed. But it is also filled with enough fantasy to engage young children. One of the acts depicts a pair of crabs, a starfish, and a turtle interacting with characters stranded on a beach. These creatures, played very flexible human beings, seem to almost magically appear out of the sand on stage. Amazing. At the end of this act, all of the sand, tons of it, is dumped off the stage onto the pit below as if to imply the passage of time. Genius. Unfortunately, it would take many pages to describe the entire show in detail. Let’s just say that you have to see it.

Before Ka opened, many people claimed that the best two shows in Las Vegas were “O” and Mystere, the other Cirque shows. Now, it seems that Cirque du Soleil may boast the best three shows in a town filled with world-class entertainment.

Before the show, we were able to go backstage and meet one of the primary cast members, pictured here with Mama. What we saw backstage did not hint at the awe-inspiring magnitude of the show. And we realize (now) that what we saw was but a small portion of the backstage area. Either way, seeing what was behind the curtain didn’t spoil the magic one bit.

Thanks to Ka Publicist Reggie Lyons for her kindness and hospitality.

Often Fabe and I talk about how cool Google is. Did you know that Google posts it top search terms on a web site for all to see? So anyone can find out that they love Brad Pitt in the UK, futbol is the most searched sport in Spain, and that Hilary Duff was Canada’s most popular actress in January. That’s pretty sweet. If you want to see more, just visit Google Zeitgeist. It’s hot.

I am heading off to Las Vegas tonight. Mama has been there working on the magazine all week and this weekend we have decided to stay there until Sunday to see a show, hit up the spa, and do a little gambling. Wish us luck.

A guy driving into the city on the Bay Bridge this morning threw a lit cigarette out of his SUV onto the road, or so he thought. Instead, the cigarette blew back into the back seat of his Ford Explorer and set it ablaze. The fire grew large enough that it singed his hair and spewed heavy black smoke. He ran out of his vehicle near on the left hand lane at the end of the bridge and didn’t even bother to put it in park. The burning car rolled down the hill, hit a guard rail, and burned to a fucking crisp. This guy almost became the first person to kill himself by setting his own car on fire on while crossing a bridge.

I just installed Google’s Toolbar 3 Beta and let me just say, it’s amazing! The coolest of the new features and one that I will use regularly in posting on this blog is the Spell Check. Spell Check allows you to spell check data that you type into any form! This means no more typing out large blog posts in MS Word prior to copying them into the Movable Type forms for publishing.

The AutoLink feature is cool too. It automatically links addresses on any page to the Google Maps service. Additionally, it can link package tracking numbers to delivery status, U.S. vehicle VIN numbers to vehicle history, and publication ISBN numbers to Amazon.com listings. They obviously have a deal with Amazon for the ISBN numbers. However, it’s pretty funny that if you go to Barnes and Noble and click on an ISBN on their site it takes you to the book listing at Amazon. BN isn’t going to like that shit, I am sure that cease and desist notices are flying as we speak.

Lastly, the Word Translator can translate single English words into other languages, but not foreign words into English. Or at least not yet! Once it translates reciprocally it will be more useful to me. However, I am sure this is very helpful for foreign Toolbar users. It is clear that Google will take over the world–I am just glad to be around to see it.

The median Bay Area single-family home price has increased 20% from last year’s prices. That’s pretty impressive considering that the beginning of the year is usually the slowest time for home sales. In San Francisco the median is $713,000, a 23% increase over last year’s prices.

According to realtors, there are a lot of foreign buyers seeking to buy homes in the Bay Area, particularly from Singapore and London. In London, the average home price in coveted Kensington and Chelsea neighborhoods is £717,174 ($1,351,945 in today’s exchange rate). With the exchange rates being what they are it is no wonder that British buyers are seeking to buy homes here.

What does this all mean? This means that our home has appreciated at least 20% in the last year and maybe closer to 23%, San Francisco’s appreciation rate. Damn, I feel like a Lotto winner. Kickass!

Unless you live in a state where it’s too damn cold to even go outside in the winter do you care that if the NHL season is cancelled? Seriously, the entire labor dispute leading into this has centered on the fact that the teams lose money and the players get paid too much. Apparently, not enough people are watching the games. It’s not baseball, basketball, or football. It’s that forgotten fourth sport that hardly anyone in America cares about. Perhaps this is just the publicity hockey needs. Remember, there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Okay I lied.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve heard about what happened to Mark Jen. Mark was fired from Google after he detailed confidential financial information on his blog. Google asked him to take the offending content down, which he did immediately. Then two days later he was fired from the company. Here’s the story, straight from the horse’s mouth.

Google is one of my firm’s clients and I work at the Googleplex, the Google campus, almost every day. I can tell you that this has sent ripples throughout the company, particularly through those employees which keep their own blogs. The fear of being terminated for accidentally, or deliberately, disclosing confidential information is real–not just at Google. It probably doesn’t help that Google does not have an official policy regarding employee blogs and what can or can’t be written in them.

A word of advice to bloggers at Google, or elsewhere, don’t post any company-specific information that cannot be verified by a public news source. If you do, there may be consequences. Good luck to all.

More news on this fiasco:
Do no evil? – News.com, 1/26/2005
Google blogger has left the building – News.com, 2/8/2005
A chat with Mark Jen – Jeremy Zawodny, 2/9/2005
Google blogger: ‘I was terminated’ – News.com, 2/11/2005
Have a blog, lose your job? – CNN/Money, 2/14/2005

Apparently, a mentally ill woman who planned to kill a pregnant woman to steal her child and pass it off as her own was killed when the pregnant woman fought back in self-defense. This is really strange. Supposedly, the woman that was killed was telling her neighbors that she was pregnant and had begun to wear “stuffed” maternity clothes. Proof that life is certainly stranger than fiction.

The Amazing Race 7 website is up and inviting visitors to meet the teams that will be on the next installment of the show. It looks like this show has about the same amount of eye candy as the previous race, although there is only one person listed as actor. If you recall, the last race had six people listed as “models.” So although the contestants are good looking this time around, they are not professional models or actors, which is a good thing.

As in past installments, there are two all-female teams: Debbie & Bianca and Megan & Heidi. Both teams are not only beautiful but seem pretty tough. No all-female team has ever won the race, but maybe this will be the first. We’ll see how they do handle pressure of traveling non-stop for a month, because that is a serious beatdown. I would be very happy to see an all-female team win this thing finally.

There are a couple of notable characters. There’s a guy on one team that was an Iraq War POW. Maybe having electrodes on your scrotum makes you better suited at handling the pressures of traveling, we’ll see. I don’t think so. I don’t know if war really prepares people for the race, but I guess we’re going to find out. And of course, there’s Rob & Amber from Survivor who are still listed as an engaged, not married, couple.

Overall the teams seem more diverse with not so many damn models and actors. These people seem to have lives outside of entertainment, except for Rob & Amber who are now celebrities in the reality television circuit. I think that the mix of people will be better for the show and I am really excited about this next race. Don’t miss it on March 1st.

All the hype around Live Strong bracelets has sparked many imposters. They’ve turned up in Oregon, where very similar yellow “Live Long” bracelets have appeared in stores. I am surprised that a “Die Weak” band hasn’t been put on the market. Well, just in the last week, the dieweak.com domain has been registered. I know a couple of people cynical enough to buy a “Die Weak” band. Because hey, only two things are certain in life, death and taxes.

Some doctors out at UCLA found a way to transfer x-ray images to iPods. Dr. Osman Ratib and Dr. Antoine Rosset thought spending $100,000 on workstations to view x-rays was stupid. So with the help of open source and Dr. Rosset’s programming skills, they were able to transfer x-rays to Mac desktops. Obviously this wasn’t enough, so they modified Apple iPhoto to view the images and transfer them to an iPod photo.

“It’s amazing. (With iPods), people are carrying around 60GB in their pocket, when I don’t even have 60GB on my computer,” Dr. Ratib said. “That’s the beauty of adopting consumer technology.” Good job, Dr. Ratib. Let’s hope those HIPAA compliance officers don’t jack your iPod.

I bet you never thought that you would see those three in the same room, or maybe you did. Well, Dr. Phil will have Jonathan & Victoria, contestants on the Amazing Race 6, as guests on his show on February 15th. Jonathan’s actions on the race prompted executive producers to say that similar behavior in the future may force elimination from the race. In a TV Guide interview, the couple blamed the editing for the negative scenes that aired on the show. But they both admitted that their blow-up in Berlin, which included Jonathan pushing Victoria, was wrong and not representative of their relationship. Sure, whatever.

After the Amazing Race 6 finale, CBS aired a teaser of the next Amazing Race which is scheduled to start in three weeks. I am a big fan of Boston Rob and Amber from Survivor: All Stars, and they will be contestants on the next Amazing Race as a married couple. I am already rooting for them. It will be interesting to see how Survivor players fare on the race. Either way, one thing is you can count on is that with Boston Rob’s competitive spirit this will be a race for the ages. Be sure to tune in to see the Amazing Race 7 Premiere on March 1st.

Freddy & Kendra, Winners

The final episode is divided into two major legs. In the first hour one team is eliminated and then the final three teams race to the finish line in the second hour of the show.

Due to frustration at the Roadblock on the first leg, Hayden & Aaron incurred a four-hour penalty and were eliminated from the race. The Roadblock consisted of trying to open thousands of lock with keys at the top of a mountain. Hayden & Aaron had a tough time all day getting to the Roadblock. Their taxi driver got lost on the way to the mountain and they ended up ditching their cab for another. Aaron almost came to blows with the driver when he refused to pay him. All of this plus the stress of the Roadblock caused Hayden to have a breakdown and lose it. She probably broke down many times but only a couple made it into the final edit.

There was some light at the end of the tunnel though. For the first time on the Amazing Race a team member proposed marriage to their teammate. No, not Adam & Rebecca. Aaron proposed to Hayden on the Pit Stop mat in front of Phil and Adam & Rebecca–she accepted. Aaron did not appear to be prepared with a ring, but proposing (indirectly) in front of millions of people takes moxie, I give him credit for that. Adam & Rebecca stood there both stunned and jealous of the relationship that Hayden & Aaron enjoy. Since it seems clear that Adam & Rebecca will not be a couple at the end of the race. It was very emotional and you couldn’t help but be happy for Hayden & Aaron. Truly amazing–I wish them the best of luck.

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Adam & Rebecca, Last Place

In this leg of the race, teams made their way from Sri Lanka to Shanghai, China. After a “Revenge Yield” from Freddy & Kendra, Adam & Rebecca came in last. Luckily for them, this was a non-elimination leg and they lived to fight another day. Kris & Jon had terrible luck with their choice of taxi drivers. Their taxi driver on the way to the Detour took them in the completely wrong direction. Hayden complained the entire time that she did the Bricks challenge during the Detour, but somehow she and Aaron managed to get through it and come in first place.

Yielded: Adam & Rebecca

Funniest Moment: Adam & Rebecca not noticing that the time for the Yield had expired because they were too busy arguing.
Smartest Play: Freddy & Kendra “Revenge Yielding” Adam & Rebecca.
Dumbest Play: Hayden & Aaron stopping to exchange money and getting ripped off by their taxi driver.
Balls of the Week: Kendra overcoming her fear of heights and rappelling down the side of a 40-story building.

Prediction of Next Team Eliminated: Hayden & Aaron
Pick to Win: Kris & Jon (Currently 3rd)

Lori & Bolo, Eliminated

In this leg of the race, teams made their way from Ethiopia to Sigiriya, Sri Lanka after running a leg of a 4 x 400 meter relay race. Even though Lori & Bolo led for most of this leg, a mistake in reading the clue at the Roadblock cost them the race. The coolest thing about this leg is that teams had to swim the length of a pool at the finish line before landing on the Pit Stop mat. This made for some interesting mayhem at the finish line with three teams jumping in the pool at nearly the same time.

Funniest Moment: Bolo telling the relay runner, “Run like you are getting chased by a cop, dude. Cuz I’m gonna run like the police is chasing me cuz I’m used to it.”
Smartest Play: Rebecca making fun of Adam when he threatened to leave the race.
Dumbest Play: Adam throwing a tantrum and threatening to leave the race because they missed a train. For someone that looks like Hellboy he sure is a big pussy.
Balls of the Week: Hayden for overcoming her fear of heights at the Detour.

Prediction of Next Team Eliminated: Adam & Rebecca
Pick to Win: Kris & Jon (Currently 1st)

Jonathan & Victoria, Eliminated

Yes, Jonathan & Victoria are finally gone. In this leg of the race, teams made their way from Corsica, France to Lalibela, Ethiopia. The race was really tight throughout the entire leg, but a misread of a clue was finally Jonathan & Victoria’s undoing. Oddly, the edit of this episode made Jonathan seem a lot towards Victoria. I don’t know if this was by design or because he was actually starting to be nice to her. I guess that without seeing all of the footage they captured we will never know.

Yielded: Freddy & Kendra by Adam & Rebecca

Funniest Moment: Adam having a tantrum after he realized he was an idiot for leaving the church and crying at the Pit Stop–what a lamer.
Smartest Play: The Yield of Freddy & Kendra by Adam & Rebecca.
Dumbest Play: Adam leaving the church area looking for monks when they were right outside the church entrance.
Balls of the Week: Nothing really ballsy happened, but by default everyone had more balls than Adam.

Prediction of Next Team Eliminated: Hayden & Aaron or Lori & Bolo
Pick to Win: Kris & Jon (Currently 3rd)

Star Trek: Enterprise has been cancelled. Somehow, it seems that they are canceling the series at its high point, since the last few episodes detailing the birth of the Federation of Planets has been highly entertaining and some of the best Enterprise episodes to date. Still, even die-hard Star Trek fans will admit that the tour de force that yielded the last two episodes did little to erase the last four years of mediocrity that the series had endured.

Not since the end of Star Trek: The Original Series have we seen a time where there wasn’t a Star Trek television or film project in at least pre-production. The Paramount lot has had a Star Trek production somewhere on its lot since 1977, when construction of the sets for Star Trek: The Motion Picture began. Ultimately though, I find it hard to believe that Viacom, Paramount’s parent company, will abandon the Star Trek franchise completely. Alas this is just a hiatus and not the end–by a long shot.

Luckily for Sci-Fi loyalists there is a new series in town, Battlestar Galactica. Thankfully, this isn’t the Battlestar Galactica that many of us remember, with Dirk Benedict smoking cigars and acting like an ass. The old series did not have the gravitas needed for it ever to be taken seriously. The crew used to sit around and drink Ambrosia all while playing slap-ass with each other and the beautiful female members of the crew. It was very seventies. You never got the sense that the Cylons were a real threat and the humor took away from the series.

This new Battlestar series is different.

The first episode of the new series was titled “33.” It portrayed the crew of Galactica dealing with the fact that they were being attacked by Cylons every 33 minutes. Since escaping the Cylon attack on their homeworld, Caprica, they had been jumping into hyperspace to every 33 minutes for five days to escape from them. The Cylons’ relentless attack did not cease. In short, the members of the crew either did not sleep or get proper sleep for a long time and they were starting to crack from sleep deprivation. In my opinion, this was one of the best pieces of Sci-Fi I have ever seen. The human drama was real, the technology did not get in the way of the storyline, and it just worked. The episode had great writing and even better acting from the cast, led by Edward James Olmos.

I know that there are a lot of Trekkies and Scapers out there that were hoping for a new original show that would fill the void, well this is it. Even though it is a remake of an old show, enough things have been changed to make it original and fresh. If you haven’t seen the show yet you should definitely check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

Experts are speculating that Google will go public with their Gmail service soon. Probably has something to do with the 50 invitations Gmail users received to give to friends and family. Honestly, I don’t know that many people. If anyone wants a Gmail account, leave a comment. Remember to say ‘Please’.

Mama and I got to have dinner with Larry & Tina, our good friends from the Big Island of Hawaii, formerly from Marin. Larry is in town to attend the Microsoft Windows Anywhere conference so they decided to stop by and visit with old friends. They both look really tanned and healthy. And they make living in Hawaii sound really cool, especially all the freediving and scuba diving stories. We can’t wait to go visit them, but until then, we are happy we got a chance to hang out with them.

Looking for a place to eat? Google can help. Say your looking for a Korean restaurant in Nashville. Just visit Google, click on the Local link, and throw in the appropriate keywords (korean, nashville, tn). Voila! You’re eating good!

Now if you are interested in a good Korean place in Nashville, I recommend Arirang on West End. They cook your food on grills in front of you. The kalbi and bulgogi are awesome!

But you only live once. I found a site that gives you stuff if you refer friends and associates to the site. Essentially, you create an account on the site, try out some promotion the site offers, then refer your own friends. Once you have enough referrals, you can get free stuff. What kind of free stuff? Everything from gift cards, iPods, and laptops. What kind of promotions? Everything from credit card offers, Netflix, Blockbuster Online, web hosting, and eBay. I googled it and it’s legit. Now I just need you guys to help me out. Heres the link you need:


Now go and help me get an iPod. Unless you want to help Nugget get one which is something I totally understand. It’s his site…