Hayden & Aaron, Last Place

In this leg of the race, teams started in Budapest, Hungary and had to make their way to a nearby winery that has the largest wine barrel in Hungary?a full 14,000 gallons?to find their next clue. Jonathan & Victoria started in third place and at the start Victoria said, “I’m not the type of girl that needs someone to hold my hand and be overly affectionate. Jon is extremely motivating and we always seem to kiss and make up in the end.” Huh!? Motivating. Yeah, like an Egyptian slave driver, but hey, they built the pyramids. Also, Hayden looked so pissed at Aaron at the start of this leg that you just knew they were coming in last.

The winery did not open until 10:00AM so all the teams were bunched up. Once it opened teams raced into the wine cellar where the clue directed teams had to make their way to the Island of Corsica, France and find the home that Napoleon was born to find their next clue. So it was a race to the airport at 10:00AM. Lori & Bolo and Jonathan & Victoria ended up on the first flight to Corsica while the rest of the teams ended up on the second flight, a little than a half hour later. Unfortunately, the place did not open until 9:00AM so teams were bunched up yet again!

Once open, the Route Marker yielded a Fast Forward in which teams had to put on antique diving suits and walk to a lobster trap to get the Fast Forward. Adam & Rebecca went for the Fast Forward so all the other teams went to the next Route Marker. The clue also stated that teams had to drive 100 miles in marked cars to a historic boot camp. Rebecca walked over to the lobster trap for the Fast Forward while Adam had trouble with the old diving suit. Rebecca came back with the clue, but they were told that unless Adam walked over to the trap and back they would not win the Fast Forward. Adam sucked it up and completed the task so they took a private Cessna to the city of Calvi where they would have to drive to the Pit Stop.

The rest of the teams drove to the boot camp in the city of Calvi to find a Detour: Climb Up or Fly Behind. In Climb Up, teams had to climb a rope with a mechanical ascender find a clue and rappel back down. In Fly Behind, teams had to use a boat and a towed inflatable to search buoys for clues. One team member on the boat would direct the boat driver where to go, while the second team member on the inflatable would search the buoys for clues. Only 12 of 25 had clues. Only Jonathan & Victoria opted for the Fly Behind and through clever editing, they made it seem as though they took forever performing their task. But ultimately they came out of the Detour in third place.

After the Detour, teams had to make their way to a winery to find their next clue, a Roadblock. In this Roadblock, one team member needed to crush 55 pounds of grapes with their feet to fill five wine bottles with grape juice. Jonathan took so long doing this task that two other teams passed them. At least Victoria gave him a taste of his own medicine by berating him as he tried to complete the task. I guess that they are made for each other.

After the Roadblock, teams had to make their way to the Pit Stop, a rocky point called La Pietra–the rock. Teams finished in the following order Adam & Rebecca (Fast Forward), Freddy & Kendra, Lori & Bolo, Kris & Jon, Jonathan & Victoria, and Hayden & Aaron in last place. Luckily for them it wasn’t an elimination leg. Hayden is an evil bitch that will surely get them eliminated sooner rather than later.

Funniest Moment: Victoria calling Jonathan “motivating.”
Smartest Play: Freddy & Kendra pulling ahead of everyone, except Adam & Rebecca, at the Detour.
Dumbest Play: Jonathan taking forever at the Roadblock.
Balls of the Week: Adam overcoming being a big pussy, barely, to get the Fast Forward.

Next Team Eliminated: Hayden & Aaron
Pick to Win: Kris & Jon (Currently 4th)

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