Gus & Hera, Eliminated

This episode started where last week’s cliffhanger ended. Bolo almost immediately said, “I gotta make sure there’s no other trains to Budapest.” At the same time, the remaining teams logged on to AOHell email to get their next clue. Teams must travel by taxi to Hungary’s Heritage Rail Museum. Teams must then ride a small motorized rail car to find their next clue. Luckily for Lori & Bolo, the museum wouldn’t open until 10:00AM and there was another train to Budapest at 2:55AM, not at 7:30AM as previously thought. The lady at the ticket counter gave them the wrong information. They would eventually catch up to the other teams but they didn’t get a chance to sleep like the rest of them.

Of course, Jonathan was yelling at Victoria. He called her incompetent and dumb for missing a cab even though all of the teams, except Lori & Bolo, were to sleep in the same hotel. What an asshole this guy is! But don’t even get me started on that again.

The story of this episode came at the opening of the museum. All of the team members were lined up behind a train-style gate waiting for it to open. Once it opened the teams ran under the gate and, supposedly, one team member pulled the gate down after running under it. I looked at the scene several times frame-by-frame and it appeared that the gate bounced closed and nobody pulled it down. In any case, the gate closing caused Freddy to get hit in the head by it.

Teams raced on foot to a marker box with numbers on it and tackled it down. Everybody scrambled for the numbers and wouldn’t you know it, Lori & Bolo ended up in first place. After everyone got a number, Freddy demanded to know who pulled the gate down and was so pissed he threatened bodily harm to whoever did it, yelling “One of you I’m gonna break in half…I’m telling you now, one of you will pay for that.” Nobody admitted to it and frankly, I don’t think anyone did. The gate must have closed under its own weight because the person that opened it didn’t open it all the way, beyond the neutral balancing point.

After riding the train car, teams obtained their next clue, including the first of two Fast Forwards on the race. In this Fast Forward, teams had to make their way a cavernous labyrinth and, in Transylvanian tradition, drink a goblet of pig’s blood. The clue directed teams to make their way to an island on the Danube river to find their next clue, a Detour: Swim or Paddle. In Swim, teams had to make their way to a swimming pool and score a water polo against a top Hungarian water polo player. In Paddle, teams had to make their way one side of the river, pump up a raft, and maneuver the raft across the river.

Lori & Bolo left in a taxi for the Fast Forward and all other teams continued on to the Detour. Gus & Hera were the only team to choose Paddle, which probably sealed their fate. Lori & Bolo won the Fast Forward by chugging the blood quickly–no problem. After the Detour, teams had to make their way to the wine cellar at the Gundel Restaurant for their next clue, a Roadblock. In this Roadblock, one team member had to eat a 24 oz. bowl of soup made with traditional Hungarian spices.

The bowl of soup was really hot! It made teams members sweat as they were eating it and I can only imagine the discomfort that they will feel when those spices come back out. Victoria did this task and cried, complained, and threw up, all while getting yelled at by Jonathan. Victoria threw up several times causing Aaron to also throw up while he was trying to complete the task. The musicians were so shocked they stopped playing. Maybe they thought the soup was poisoned for a split second. It was crazy funny! Victoria just could do the task and the thought of Jonathan & Victoria being eliminated gave me a warm feeling inside, but alas, they didn’t.

Freddy & Kendra arrived right after Victoria and Hayden finished. While he was eating, Kendra told him to look under the table at the throw up mess. This caused Freddy to immediately throw up, but he threw up about four ounces into his own soup. He should have thrown up onto the floor like everybody else! What a lamer!

After the Roadblock, teams had to make their way to a local landmark called the Fisherman’s Bastion, the Pit Stop for the leg of the race. Gus & Hera, who had arrived last at the Roadblock were also last to the Pit Stop and were eliminated.

Funniest Moment: Victoria throwing up caused Aaron to throw up at the Roadblock.
Smartest Play: Lori & Bolo going from last place to first place even before the Fast Forward.
Dumbest Play: Freddy throwing up into the soup he was eating.
Balls of the Week: Victoria for putting up with Jonathan’s shit.

Next Team Eliminated: Adam & Rebecca
Pick to Win: Kris & Jon (Currently 2nd)

Who will be eliminated next!?

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